Ibis London City, sleep in London without surprises

    Sleeping in the heart of London without spending a fortune. A clean and central hotel to immediately reach the main subways of the English city, we are at the Ibis Hotel in London.

    Who has been at least once in their life to London he knows that sleeping in this city and finding accommodation is not always easy. Sometimes it's not just the expense that determines the quality, so the more I spend the more I have, sometimes it's just a matter of luck. Here then is a very valid advice for sleeping in London spending the right amount but without having any nasty surprises, which, in the homeland of bathroom carpeting, is already something: D

    Ibis London City, sleep in London without surprises

    THEIbis London City is located in the City, first positive side, is 13 minutes walk (calculated by Google Maps, but believe me much less) from Liverpool Station. Liverpool Station is the bus station of the subway, from which the Circle Line (yellow), Central Line (red), Metropolitan Line (purple) and Hammersmith & City Line (pink) lines and the stop that takes you to the airport by train London Stansted, where all low cost flights land. Another great thing, buses also depart from here Terravision which takes you for £ 50 directly to Stansted Airport in 6 minutes. Let's say that the Hotel is very well located within London.

    From the Hotel it is then possible to reach the Tower Bridge in a few minutes on foot and from here begin a nice walk that could take you up to St. Paul e The monument. Or head straight to Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus for a fun Saturday night.

    Ibis London City, sleep in London without surprises

    But let's go back to the hotel. There breakfast is not included in the price which is of Approximately € 80 for a double room per night. The Hotel is new and modern, it is part of a chain and the cleanliness standard is high. It does not have too many frills, here you will not find who knows what English tapestries or surprises, but it has a television in the room and a bathroom in the room and is quiet and peaceful with an excellent reception ready to help you with any doubts.

    If you want to save even more, try taking a look at the EasyHotel at £ 25 at night in London.

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