China travel useful information and advice

La China it is one of the most fascinating countries in the world that everyone would like to visit at least once in their life.

It is a country based on work, on the development of technology but above all on the culture that has something incredible.

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Travel and transportation advice

There are 115 entry and exit points to enter China, but most visitors reach the country via Hong Kong.

For those departing from China by plane there is a boarding tax of 105 Yen payable in local currency only.

It is also possible to reach China from Europe or Asia and return without ever taking your feet off the ground.

The most exotic routes are those that pass by Vietnam, , From Trans-Siberian, or the path that the Tibet and Nepal, and the itineraries that from Pakistan and from Kazakhstan enter the Xinjiang.

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The most popular destinations among those who decide to reach the country by ship are, however, Shanghai, Xiamen, Tanggu, Macau and of course Hong Kong.

Advice on what to pack

Certainly there should be no shortage of comfortable clothing suitable for long walks and that allow you to dress "onion", because temperatures vary greatly depending on the latitude.

Do not miss the usual medicines and batteries for the camera.

It is also advisable to leave with suitcases with enough space for even bulky purchases, such as cashmere sweaters, porcelain, antiques and other souvenirs that are always very affordable.

Advice on when to go to China

The ideal times to visit China are spring (March-April) and autumn (September-October).

During these seasons the temperatures are between 20 ° C and 30 ° C, but at night it can be quite cold and the weather is sometimes gloomy.

The main holiday periods, in particular the Chinese New Year, should be avoided because it is difficult both to move around the country and to find solutions for overnight stays.

Information on how to get around

The roads of China are wide, but often bumpy, they are the undisputed realm of the bicycle.

Unimaginable swarms of cyclists pass by ringing absolutely regardless of traffic lights and precedence.

Few are the cars and buses that circulate.

I advise you to avoid public transport, because they are always overcrowded to excess, I recommend the use of taxis, far better.

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Where to stay in China

I recommend not to consider dangerously low cost tours in order not to nullify the quality of the holiday and lose some characteristic aspects and places (often a holiday is liked or not depending on "how", rather than "how much", it was possible to see ).

So choose a comfortable place, a 4-star hotel (equivalent to our 3).

 What to eat in China typical dishes

Food is a fundamental part of the trip, also because as always it is a must to taste the specialty of the countries visited.

In all hotels there is an international menu that is good for everyone, but in the places with Chinese menus you have to arm yourself with courage, since, as we have heard, "in China you eat everything that flies, excluding airplanes and everything what has legs, excluding tables ".

Chinese cuisine includes an infinite series of courses (at least 20) consisting of soups, sauces, fish, chickens, caramelized pigs, rice etc., but also strange things like the sea jellyfish.

Everything is placed on a revolving tray placed in the center of the table that everyone turns using as they see fit.

There are no breads and dairy products.

The lacquered duck is excellent, the fish is generally good and the meat sautéed with vegetables on a hot plate is tasty, as the Mongols use to cook it.

What to see and cities to visit in China guide and tips

According to the tour operator's program, guided tours by car and bus are planned for the towns and surroundings (great Wall, silk factories, summer residence of the empress etc.).

I recommend choosing the "all inclusive" organized travel formula because it is suitable for everyone and, above all, it is useful in order not to lose the many testimonies ofancient Chinese civilization due to setbacks and misunderstandings so frequent in a country with an abstruse language that has not yet assimilated a real tourist value.

To guarantee this, I advise you not to economize in choosing the tour operator and to opt for one that is certainly valid and possibly specialized.

Imagine being catapulted back in time when the signs of a feudal system are still evident, with imposing vestiges of the rich against the miserable realities of the poor neighborhoods.

It is a dream atmosphere set with jaw-dropping pearls.

I will mention only a few: the Forbidden City, great Wall, Summer Residence of the Empress, the Xian Terracotta Warriors, the Suzhou Gardens, etc.

Also typical are i bonsai gardens ed the silk markets and food. Interesting are the silk factories, the factories of cultured pearls and hand-painted ceramics.

Other must-see destinations in China are: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau is Tibet.

Photo gallery China

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