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Five lands

Hello everyone, here is the story of the first holiday that opened the story of my engagement Andrea and I met in May 2015 and we decide to give each other their hearts to start living hand in hand.

With the arrival of heat we decided to do one holiday week in Liguria.

The week before mid-August we went to my house where there is the sea, the fun: the Adriatic Riviera.

Together with us, another couple: Cristian and Fabiola.

We celebrated my birthday together, in a group and with my family and the following day we left:

Destination Cinque Terre.

We left with my car with the trunk full of suitcases and the shopping bags that had been placed in all possible and unimaginable free holes!

We take the highway and with the stereo ball we try our hand at songs, memories and laughter.

The 5 Instagrammable places of the Cinque Terre

Andrea wants to drive all the time he is the road attendant and thinks that I love to drive well after 5 hours we get to La Spezia.

On the Internet the previous months I had contacted the owner of a small house in the first land Riomaggiore.

A very good price for a house that seemed particular we only needed to see it from life and in fact we would soon see that splendor.

5 lands Riomaggiore

We got to Riomaggiore but we come across a barrier: - “Guys you have to park in the city, you can't enter by car!” - Oh my lord! The suitcases, the shopping bags?

How do we do it? Well every 10 minutes passes a train the inhabitants warn us and under the sun Fabiola and I go down with our suitcases.

Before leaving I said to restrain with the suitcases to bring the bare minimum but nobody listened to me: Andrea 2 suitcases, Fabiola 2 suitcases, Cristian a suitcase like me.

The boys go to park the car after letting us out (Andrea always lost his sunglasses during the trip because he puts things where they don't belong and while I got out of the car I completely CRUSHED them: MORALE threw them out of the window exclaiming that they were his best TAROT glasses and that this holiday had begun in the wrong way) and after unloading the whole car and under the sun we were waiting for the blessed train.

When she arrives, they tell us that we only get on one at a time and so Fabiola sets off on her own, inside she waits for her together with this unknown driver who then turns out to be crazy for her!

Once in the village they return to take me but I took a seat in the waiting box in order to avoid appreciation.

We have a meeting and after a short time we are all gathered.

We wait for the landlord and when we arrive, all 4 of us walk towards the house that would have been ours for a week.

America Coast to Coast

After 10 exhausted minutes we arrive home. Exhausted? The streets of the city are uphill they are made of very high steps to climb and it is very winding.

Beautiful if Bin Laden were hidden they would continue to give him up for missing :-), I can't imagine the postman who all day goes up and down, um, what an effort.

A beautiful characteristic apartment all made of wood with a spacious balcony a double bedroom and a small bedroom but still large with a double bed upstairs a living room with kitchenette and a bathroom on the ground floor.

A garden great with gate and sea view.

We place all our things, we rest for a few hours, we open the windows and we find another wonderful panorama.

In the evening we went home to watch TV because unfortunately it was very windy.

We said goodnight with the wish that the sun would show up the next day.

And in fact, the day after our awakening was characterized by a bright sun filtering through the shutters.

We made our sandwiches at home and with our backpack on our backs we went to the beach.

Il sea it is characterized by stones and therefore after choosing the smooth rock we arranged our sheets.

The sun was shining making the air sultry so we were "forced" to take several baths.

Il sea it is very clean, beautiful and clear, the characteristic are the stones in the bottom that are slippery and the current is a very particular sea, high and you have to be careful.

Riomaggiore it is a very nice characteristic city all concentrated but unfortunately very expensive.

Back from the sea, we organized ourselves to go out to celebrate my birthday past the restaurant and so we indulged in a nice meal of fish!

Local by the sea, Fresh fish: appetizers, first course, second course, dessert (a very good creme brulee, the best I have ever eaten in my life), wine, coffee and water € 85 per person.

Oh my what a blow !! After paying we stopped to "DIGERIRE" the bitter morsel on the pier.

Fabiola was lost drunk and asked us to call the fire brigade because the whole city was on fire.

I was not outdone but still I was able to walk and talk.

Andrea and Cristian laughed at our speeches.

The 3rd and 4th day was not always good weather but we got burned anyway.

The place at sea it was always the same.

The sea is always beautiful even if I have risked drowning (and I can swim very well) when the weather is not good and the current rises the slippery stones lead you to fall and lean on them but the waves carry you back, despite not even missing 10 meters from the shore maybe making you crash into the stones: result KNEE PEELED and fortunately a tall and muscular guy without permission grabbed me by the arm taking me out of the water.

On the 5th day we woke up very early and after making sandwiches at the Market (exaggerated prices) we walked into the LOVE WAY.

Il route that connects Riomaggiore to Monterosso it is the most famous and spectacular and is known as "the blue path".

It takes about five hours to walk the entire path and a total of 500 meters in altitude are overcome.

It is a path that has been traced over the centuries by those who used it habitually to move around, so in some points it is a real mule track that winds its way seafront connecting the five villages to each other.

Well you have to do it with tennis shoes (stones, roots, earth) and only during the day because in certain points there is not even a shelter and you risk falling, often the pathway it is located above the sea and often a person passes through it with difficulty so you have to proceed in single file.

During the journey we met various people who, like us, were having that spectacular experience.

We saw some of them pass then to the various bars that were on the street we found them drinking a glass of water or going to the bathroom hehehehe and there the laughter was never lacking.

5 Terre Manarola

La second earth that we meet is Manarola city it too closed to the circulation of cars, all concentrated cities, made up of various bar, shops of souvenirs and many houses rented of course.

The citizens of these places are very few they told us.

After having breakfast, looking at the small harbor similar to that of Riomaggiore we start again making a different effort from the first stretch.

It begins to be mountain and to climb the pathway.

5 Terre Corniglia and Varnazza

La third earth is called Corniglia very small but nice.

La fourth earth is called Vernazza and unfortunately I remember it very well.

Approximately 4 hours had passed and the trail, although there were dangerous points, had almost been completed as soon as we arrived we had counted about 200 photos.

The town was full and packed with tourists, a band of games and entertainment.

A closed country also that therefore full of shops e alleys characteristic small and narrow.

Well do you see that tower ?? I remember it very well.

To reach the summit you have to climb one at a time because it is very very narrow.

I also suffer from vertigo so I don't know if you can imagine the panic I felt hahaha but after that effort I wanted and had to get to the top!

When we reached the top we gathered to look at the spectacular view that this position offered.

All the lands could be glimpsed, especially the one that would later arrive a few kilometers away.

5 Terre Monterosso

So we took the train and after 3 minutes we arrived at the fifth land Monterosso.

Monterosso it is very beautiful as the city is the only one to have a beach of very fine pebbles.

It is the only one open to cars.

We arrived and to calm the mood we immediately jumped into the water taking an unforgettable bath


After a few hours we were returning home by train.

And that day could not end like this also because the mood was on the ground.

So we went to get the tickets for the ferry that took us to Portovenere.

At 22 pm we left for this city characterized by tourism Narrow alleys people crowded with shops on souvenir shops, entertainment, lights and sounds.

We took the opportunity to make little thoughts for our loved ones. unfortunately spending enough money there too.

So also the 5th day was over but it fails to say that at night in the middle of the night we were awakened by the neighbors an apartment of German women and men struggling with somewhat compromising acts and unfortunately for them we felt everything better for us than we are have a lot of laughs. The next day we settled down and spent half a day at the beach and in the afternoon we took a tour of the town.

At every hour the bell tower that was in sight in front of our house on the mountain opposite was striking the hour so 11 touches if it was 11 in the morning 12 touches if it was noon and so on at night.

So it had become our nightmare now.

Then the curiosity was too much and so we went to visit the church, the various panoramas and the whole town.

Handsome, rebellious, relaxing and with a special air.

After having tidied up all our things, cleaned the apartment in the evening, we went to a place on the sea where a gentleman sang Giorgio Gaber.

A drink and then all to bed.

In the morning, after taking the luggage to the city, we greeted all the friends we had met that week, especially the husband and wife of the jewelry, perfumery where we went every day where Andrea and Cristian spent whole hours deciding and redeciding whether to have a piercing with the teasing of the owner who was now like a mother.

So we walked (since we only had the luggage and no longer the shopping as on the way) to the car!

We left Riomaggiore with lots of memories.

I recommend this place to everyone to be able to relax and see beautiful peaceful landscapes! Hi everyone!

Cinque Terre map

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