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Travel to Tibet advice and guide on where it is, capital, necessary documents, when to go, flag, what to buy and what to pack.

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Where is Tibet located

Il Tibet, also known as the Land of the Snows or the Roof of the World, falls within the geo-political borders of China and is therefore a region ofCentral Asia.

This beautiful region of mysterious and captivating charm is located at the foot of the Mount Everest (highest mountain in the world with its 8848 meters) at an altitude of 4.900 meters.

a capital of Tibet

La capital of Tibet is Lhasa, the main economic and commercial center of the region and former residence of the Dalai Lama.

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Tibet flag

Tibet when to go

Il Tibet it is a fairly cold region given its altitude.

Le temperature, in winter, they can reach -18 ° / -20 ° while in summer they reach pleasant temperatures especially in the lower cities (22 ° / 24 °).

Il best time to go to Tibet runs from May to September while for lovers of high altitude excursions it is preferable to go from June to August.

Tibet what to pack

During the winter period you have to pack very warm clothes such as fleece sweaters, anorak, parka, tights, gloves, hat and scarf.

During the summer period, especially in the lower cities in terms of altitude, you have to pack short-sleeved shirts for the day and a sweater and jacket for the evening.

Tibet documents and permits

arrive in Tibet you have to fly in China so you need to own the Chinese visa.

Once you have obtained the Chinese visa, you must apply for and obtain the TTB or the Tibet Entry Permit (it is up to the travel agency to obtain it).

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Don't think of rent a car to cross the border between China and Tibet as there are so many check point that will stop you and will surely make you come back.

What to buy in Tibet

In the past the Tibet was little known regarding thepurchase of souvenirs and most of the pieces of antique trade and objects were imported from Nepal, .

Currently the market has recovered strongly also because i entry permits into Tibet have become easier to obtain and, as a result, there has been a marked increase in tourism.

Un advice that we give you is to buy, especially in the Gyantse and Shigatse markets, religious objects, carpets, "Fabrics, traditional jewelry, thangka (sacred paintings on canvas), incense, statuette e khata which are lucky charms blessed by Tibetan monks.

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Tibet pictures

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