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Tibet tourism

Il Tibet, locked up in his fortress on theHimalayas, it is a mysterious place, as few others are in the whole world.

The strategic importance of the Tibet, which is located on theHimalayas between China and the Indian subcontinent, has made it an irresistible destination in the thousands tourists who visit it every year.

Although after the annexation of the Buddhist kingdom by the China, Tibet was virtually closed to tourists and only in 1984 was it reopened to international tourism.

In 1987, following an uprising of Tibetans in Lhasa, the country was closed again to all but groups organized tourist and it was reopened in 1992 but even today special permits are required to enter it.

How to organize a trip to Tibet

Il Tibet, therefore, it is by no means an easy destination for those who do not travel with an organized group and getting into it is a real challenge.

Tibet advice and information

The Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu hardly issues visas to individual travelers and often cancels those of travelers who have arrived in Nepal, already in possession of a visa for the China.

The only way to enter is to join an organized trip, most of the times extremely expensive, with which you only get a group visa and not an individual one on your own. passport.

The safest and relatively inexpensive way is from Chengdou as you are already in China and there are no visa problems.

Here, too, there are no permits for individual travelers, but once you find the right agency for $ 280, you become part of a group made up of other lonely and penniless travelers.

It takes a little luck and a lot of patience and, frankly, it's absolutely worth it.

Travel to Tibet what to see

Also referred to as the roof of the world (4.900 meters above sea level), the Tibet it is the highest region on earth and is home to many attractions e places to visit mysterious but at the same time fascinating and full of history and e culture.

Here is according to us of the staff of Forbookinglovers.com what to visit in Tibet:

Lhasa Tibet

Lhasa and the capital of Tibet and is located in one of the lowest areas of the region at about 3700 meters above the sea ​​level.

This beautiful city is the favorite destination of most travelers as it is much cheaper than the others and the accommodation they are definitely good.

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Le Lhasa attractions they are quite limited (it mostly hosts religious sites) so 3 days is more than enough to visit it.

The majors places of interest of the city are the Jokhang temple and the very famous Potala Palace which was the residence of Dalai Lama (highest spiritual authority of Tibetan Buddhism).

Shigatse Tibet

La city ​​of Shigatse is the second largest city in the Tibet and it is famous because it is rich in history.

The major ones Shigatse attractions city ​​are there Dzong fortezza and the magnificent monastery Tashilhunpo which is the seat of the Panchen Lama (the second lamaistic office of Tibet).

Gyantse Tibet

Gyantse it is the third largest city in Tibet and is located 3977 meters above the sea level.

This city is famous as it is home to the Dzong Castle and the ancient Pelkor Chode monastery which houses, inside, the kumbum which is a stupa that contains 108 well chapels on 4 floors which are illustrated by approximately 10.000 paintings and hundreds of statues.

Campo base Everest

One of the main attractions of Tibet is the so-called Everest Base Camp which is an area of ​​approximately 27.000 square meters around the Tibetan side of the Mount Everest.

The only two access points are that of Shegar and Tingri and they are difficult and exhausting paths (trekking lovers flock to this area from all over the world).

Sakya Tibet

Sakya o sakyapa it is imposing monastero which houses one of the main ones schools of Tibetan Buddhism (there are 4 schools and the others are Nyingma, Gelug and Kagyu).

Inside it houses the largest collections of religious relics of Tibet and, usually, i Tibetan monks allow access to very few rooms.

Lago Namtso e Lago Yamdrok Tibet

Il Lago Namtso and Lago Yamdrok are the sacred lakes most important of the Tibet (in all there are 9).

Il Lago Yamadrok is located at 4500 meters high, its waters have various shades of color and offers tourists incredible and breathtaking scenery.

Il Lago Namtso is located at 4718 meters high and is a sacred place of Tibetan Buddhism and every 12 years, the year of the sheep ceremony takes place around the lake.

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