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Here is a guide that will take you to discover the extraordinary historical and architectural beauties of Brussels to visit in just one day. Let's see which ones not to miss absolutely.

Tips for visiting Brussels

Let's start this guide or rather this one diary which will lead you to discover the historical and architectural wonders of Brussels telling you that this beautiful city is the destination of numerous stopovers, especially low cost flights, so many travelers have the opportunity to be able to visit it in a single day (not to say in a few hours).

We visited this city in one day, not because it doesn't deserve more time, but because we took advantage of low cost flights.

We left at 8,30 from Orio al Serio and arrived at 10,00 at theCharleroi Airport.

From there with an hour by bus we arrive at Brussels to Gare du Midi and with three metro stops you can reach the center, which by the way can be reached on foot with a little more time.

We have about six hours to take a quick look at Brussels obviously without expecting to come away knowing the city.

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In this period of time, however, you have the opportunity to see and savor it from many points of view.

Brussels places of interest and attractions

Brussels is a welcoming city, with palaces ancient, which mix different styles but with a pleasant result, but it is also a city with large green spaces and full of modernity.

For those who visit Brussels there is only one starting point: the Grand Place, a true jewel of Belgian architecture.

Nowhere else in the city is it possible to find, gathered all together, so many buildings and so richly decorated as those that surround it.

La Grand Place it is one of the most important squares in Europe, where the elegant stands out Tower of the Hotel de Ville, on the square they also overlook House of Brewers (which houses the Beer Museum), the King's House (where the Municipal Museum is located).

This square is truly a beautiful one, it is really worth walking it far and wide, the buildings that delimit its diameter are various, each with a name and a story.

La Grand Place in Brussels it is lively and welcoming, it also hosts a characteristic and permanent flower market and comes to dream thinking what it can be in August when a carpet of flowers completely floods it.

I remind you that the Grande Place it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

After visiting the Grand Place I was intrigued by the Royal Galleries Saint-Hubert which are among the most important and beautiful commercial galleries in Europe where there are a myriad of chocolate shops, bar, restaurants e luxury shops.

Do you think this mall is older than the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II of Milan ed He Passage di St. Petersburg.

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After quickly admiring the Royal Galleries, I took it Rue de l'Etuve and I found myself in front of the Fountain of the Manneken Pis, the child who pees, who has become one of the symbols of Brussels.

This very particular statuette is small but it is in a characteristic street full of shops, impossible not to photograph it.

The wonderful historic center of Brussels it is bordered by the ring road of the great avenues called Petit Ring and has a pentagonal shape.

This "Pentagon" between monuments, museums, churches e art paths, encompasses most of the Brussels attractions.

All around the Grand Place, there are a series of streets, which are pedestrian only and therefore can be enjoyed safely.

These streets are full of souvenir shops, local craft shops, restaurants and typical places where it is a must to eat various local specialties at low prices in fact I decide to enjoy the famous fries, which really deserve to be tasted, they are beautiful crunchy and I accompanied them thanks to a classic Belgian draft beer; something truly exceptional.

Le Galaries Royales they are not immense, but very beautiful and full of light, and among other things they have access to the small side streets full of clubs.

La Cathedral of San Michele and Santa Gudula it was finished in the XNUMXth century, it is beautiful, bright, harmonious and is very similar to French churches, with beautiful stained glass windows with mosaics.

This imposing church comes with a mixture of different styles but I can assure you that it is really very beautiful and interesting.

Just out of the historic center of Brussels, in the area of ​​the great Laeken Park stands out the imposing figure ofAtomium which was built for the 1958 exhibition.

This area is well served by the metro, Heysel stop right next to the infamous stadium.

La Brussels metro it is comfortable and efficient and, to tell the truth, I made the day ticket thanks to which you can take all the means you want on the surface during the day; I assure you that it is really convenient.

THEatomium it is an immense structure that is worth seeing especially to enjoy the surrounding landscape.

Perhaps the cost to go up should be a little reduced in fact I paid about 9 euros but inside the structure there is practically nothing.

From there I take the metro and the tram and go back to Midnight station, to take the bus that will take me back toCharleroi Airport.

It is clear that to thoroughly visit all attractions this extraordinary city takes much longer but in less than a day it was already a great success.

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