10 Things to do in Treviso

    10 Things to do in Treviso

    A Treviso I came across it almost by chance, an impromptu trip that turned out to be a precious discovery. We know that we often have things under our noses and do not notice it: this is exactly what happened with this town, about twenty kilometers from Venice and reachable in less than half an hour by train.

    Treviso is a place to discover by walking in its small center, full of life and that reserves a discovery at every corner. Here are some tips to enjoy a day in this city: some places to visit and a couple of ideas to avoid being left with an empty stomach.

    1. I channels they are the protagonists of the historic center, we are no longer in the lagoon but the central role of water remains. When you least expect it, in the middle of a street you will find a bridge or a body of water instead of a square. Treviso is crossed by the Sile, which you cross walking from the train station towards the center, and along which there are promenades and gardens where you can relax. Entering the narrowest alleys you can cross the three canals Roggia (or Siletto), Buranelli and Cagnan Grando. One of the things I found most beautiful is that in many places statues and decorative elements have been installed to enrich the already fantastic views that are created between buildings and waterways; my favorite is the one you see crossing Ponte della Malvasia.
    2. La Loggia of the Knights It is a building located a few steps from the majestic Palazzo dei Trecento, dates back to the 200th century and consists of arches that were closed until the last century, frescoed both inside and outside. Originally it was born as a noble meeting place for board games, but already about a century later it loses its function and turns into a warehouse, risking demolition over and over again: fortunately, however, it is still there today to embellish this town.
    3. La Fountain of the Tits it is an original sculpture that is hidden in a small courtyard overlooking the gallery which can be reached by walking through the arcades of the Palazzo della Prefettura, in the opposite direction from the Palazzo dei Trecento. The original statue is damaged and this is a recent copy of the fountain installed in the mid-XNUMXth century following a great drought and from which white and red wine flowed for three days in honor of the election of each new Podestà.
    4. The fish market has been located since the mid-800th century right onIsola della Pescheria, in the center of Cagnan Grando, in a position that could not be more appropriate. It is certainly one of the "corners" not to be missed in the city.
    5. In Latin neighborhood there is the old hospital restored by Paolo Portoghesi, which now houses the university area. A quiet square with small shops and bars and a long walk on the banks of the Sile.
    6. I think Treviso is also perfect for those who want to do it Shopping, I have not explored this aspect, but walking through its streets you can see the presence of a large number of shops of all kinds: both new and historical, for fashion lovers but also for refined palates, satisfying even those who prefer to dedicate themselves to home decor. Two names that I have pinned down for the future are certainly "The tea room", where you can find all kinds of infusions and everything you need to enjoy this moment of the day that I love so much, but also, just to stay on topic, the "Biscotteria Bettina" which produces sweet and savory biscuits with organic ingredients.
    7. If you feel peckish while walking around town, the answer to your problems is a mozzarella in carrozza della Gigia, a tavern located in via Barberia, very close to the Palazzo della Prefettura, where with a few (but very few!) euros you can feed yourself by watering everything obviously with a good wine.
    8. If you prefer something sweet, I suggest you the Sarah's Yogurt and Creperie: with 3 € you can eat a giant frozen yogurt or even a cold crepe that I absolutely recommend you try.
    9. All projects Biosteria Basilico Tredici unfortunately I was only for a coffee but from the counter there were sweets and salty morsels not bad, the dishes that passed before my eyes then seemed really tempting. At any time and for any reason you enter this place, however, the atmosphere is relaxed, welcoming and perfect for having a chat sitting on the sofas.
    10. In reality, the things that are missing to see in this town are many and apparently really interesting, so as a last piece of advice I want to leave you two references that I want to keep as a reminder for myself when I return: the House of the Carraresi, which now houses an exhibition on India that looks magnificent, and the Church of Saint Lucia a hidden gem in the streets of the city center.
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