Skyspace in Los Angeles and its exciting glass slide suspended in the void

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OUE Skyspace is in Los Angeles what could be the Empire State Building, the One World Observatory or the Top of the Rock in New York. A beautiful and high observation platform, from which you can realize the extent and immensity of the city of Los Angeles! While not everyone includes it on their list of Los Angeles must-see attractions, in our opinion it is worth a visit. Let's see what it offers ...

What is OUE Skyspace?

OUE Skyspace is an observation platform located at the top of the emblematic US Bank Tower. This 73-story, 310-meter-tall building is the tallest North American skyscraper west of Chicago and the twelfth tallest building in the United States. As in many skyscrapers in Los Angeles, a helipad is located on its top (film buffs will recognize this location which has been seen in several films, such as Independence Day where it is the first building destroyed by aliens). The platform consists of 2 terraces: 1830 square meters of indoor and outdoor space extending between the 69th and 70th floors.

From its 69 floors, the view overlooks the immensity of this sprawling city, Los Angeles. Houses and highways as far as the eye can see, this is where the grandeur of the City of Angels is captured. The view of the surrounding buildings is quite impressive and the 2 terraces allow you to get around the building enjoying an almost 360 ° view. Other buildings such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Bonaventure with its revolving restaurant can also be seen.

What are the other animations of OUE Skyspace?

In addition to providing unparalleled views of Los Angeles, Skyspace LA also has one of Southland's most unique attractions: the Skyslide, an all-glass slide that is attached to the side of the building.

The entire Skyspace experience actually takes place over four floors in the US Bank Tower. The second floor entrance helps set the mood, with music and bright monitors on the wall. An elevator takes visitors up to the 54th floor where the self-guided experience begins. Visitors are surrounded by a 360-degree virtual topo wall presenting points of interest in Los Angeles. The footage is sensational! There is also fun in front of the wall of shadows that creates reflective images based on the movements of the body and the illusory infinite mirror that seems to look down in the middle of the building. After the interactive experience on the 54th floor, take the elevator up to the 70th floor.

The attraction in the attraction is it Skyslide. The Skyslide is made entirely of 3 cm clear glass that descends from the 70th floor to the 69th floor. The fully enclosed slide is perfect for thrill seekers or anyone who wants a unique way to see the city. The slide is almost 14 meters long and very, very fast, thanks to its steep angle and the special mat that every visitor has to sit on. A ride on the Skyslide costs an additional $ 8 per person, and children must be at least 5 years old to try the slide (a child can slide with an adult).

The 69th floor of Skyspace has plenty of space to sit and relax, including large sofas on the outdoor observation decks. There is no shortage of points where you can buy snacks and drinks and there is also a cafe on the second floor with a wider menu. And, of course, you will find a great gift shop.

Tips for the visit:

• Only wearable cameras (such as GoPro) are allowed on Skyslide.
• Professional photos of your slide ride (amusement park style) will be available for purchase on the 69th floor.
• Pushchairs are NOT allowed inside but can be stored in the hall.
• Parking in downtown LA is very expensive, but you can get downtown by subway!

Entrance ticket and timetables

The US Bank Tower is located in the heart of Downtown LA
Indirizzo: 633 W 5th St, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Hours: open every day from 9:00 to 23:00

Ticket Price: Tickets start at $ 19 for children 3-12 and $ 25 for adults. Skyslide tickets cost $ 8 per person.

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In conclusion: The Downtown LA neighborhood is not yet overrun with tourists, so climbing this observatory will allow you to enjoy a great view of Los Angeles in peace, without the crowds of other major attractions.

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