Oyster tasting in Brittany: Viviers de Terenez

Oyster tasting in Brittany, the review of a lunch in Viviers de Terenez where you can discover the secrets of oyster farming and the taste of a shellfish lunch.

Impossible to visit the Brittany and along the coast do not look for a place to do a great one oyster tasting. Personally, I couldn't wait to get to Brittany to eat some good fish that can be found really everywhere here, even in the major supermarkets you can find crabs, oysters and different types of shellfish for those who want to prepare them at home in complete autonomy or for who has decided to rent an apartment instead of the more classic ones chambre d'hotes.

I found Viviers de Terenez in Rosnoen, suggested to me by the locals, a village located within the Parc Naturel Régional d'Armorique. Viviers de Terenez is a very interesting place, a historic place that has been raising oysters for generations and is in a privileged position to do so. This is essentially a restaurant, although it is by no means usual. Tables overlooking the sea up on the hill overlooking the kitchen, but not only that, a beautiful veranda welcomes all the guests' tables and often, those who arrive, are asked to share the table, such is the turnout.

After sharing our table, never mind at least we saw what the other French friends who ordered before us were getting, we started preparing our lunch. Oysters of course, a selection of 12 medium oysters, with lemon and double fermented beer made directly at Viviers de Terenez.

Black bread with salted butter, God bless the French for this great invention, as an appetizer and we were already more than satisfied. Then we wanted to be daring and ordered, at the suggestion of our table neighborsl tuna and herring, the latter with a very strong flavor. Imitating our neighbors, we saw that on bread, in addition to herring, they put butter first ... obviously we didn't laugh at each other and we repeated exactly what it is.

They were also on the menu salmon, crustaceans of all types, fried fish, lobsters, shellfish, soups and stuffed shells. We wanted to try everything but we were already full. A separate mention goes for the mussels and fries which looked delicious. I came up to the kitchen pushed by the smell of this dish and suspected they were cooked with beer, even though I didn't ask.

The experience was more than positive, I could have stayed in Viviers de Terenez for hours, or even come back for lunch the next day, but I preferred to try other types of cuisine too and I must say I was not disappointed at all. One thing I have to say though, should I ever go back to Brittany and especially this area, I will not fail to try the crab as it looked extremely good.
Last thing, all products and beers, can be purchased after lunch or taken and consumed at home or in the apartment.

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