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Useful advice, guide and useful information for those visiting Budapest

My girlfriend and I spent a fabulous week in Budapest and I want to give some advice to those who intend to visit this beautiful city.

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  • Budapest what to see and places to visit
    • Buda Castle - Budapest
    • Budapest Parliament Building
    • Great Synagogue Budapest
    • Museum of Fine Arts Budapest
    • Budapest Statue Park
  • Budapest where to eat and what to eat
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Budapest transport and information

The tourist area of Budapest it's not very big so we didn't get the card for i public transport, preferring to make tickets from time to time.

And if your hotel is located in a more central area (considering the Elisabeth Bridge as the barycentric one) than ours, I could say that public transport (underground) can only be used to get to Heroes' Square.

Remember to keep your ticket until the end of the journey: the checks, which the tour guides talk about, are effectively punctual and widespread.

For those who love to travel by taxi: beware of remains / changes.

Budapest what to see and places to visit

Budapest is a very thriving city for tourism and, many times, tourists complain because visits require hours and hours of waiting so I recommend you book tickets online to avoid endless queues.

Venue: Budapest

Budapest is a city that, in my opinion, is the envy of many others and the things that you absolutely must visit are:

Buda Castle - Budapest

Il Buda Castle it has an incredible history (you will discover it when you go to visit it) and, currently, it is home to the Royal Palace, of the Matthias Church.

It is the most impressive building in this wonderful city and it is really worth losing a few hours to visit it.

Budapest Parliament Building

Il Parliament it is the symbol of Budapest and was built between 1885 and 1904.

The majestic structure overlooks the Danube and its overall size is nearly 18.000 square meters with 27 entrances and 691 rooms.

Great Synagogue Budapest

A large Jewish community has always lived in Budapest, in fact, they are still active today 22 synagogues, many of them in schools, hospitals or private homes.

The largest synagogue in Europe is located here in Budapest in the heart of the Jewish ghetto and was built in 1859 in a Neo-Moorish style and can accommodate up to 3000 people.

Museum of Fine Arts Budapest

Il fine arts museum it is incredible and has nothing to envy to museums around the world.

The 7 most famous statues in the world: where to see them

The museum is divided into large sections from ancient to modern where you can admire sculptures, paintings, molds by artists from all over the world such as, for example, Picasso Cezanne. Monet and many others.

Budapest Statue Park

Il Park of the Statues was born from a very particular factor, namely when at the time of communism, while everyone was throwing away the statues depicting that period, the citizens of Budapest preserved them, restored them and made them a real attraction.

Then they put together all the statues representing the great figures of communism (Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Bela Kun) together with anonymous liberating soldiers of the former USSR and created this beautiful park full of history.

In Budapest there is so much more to visit like.

  • Heroes Square
  • Margaret Island
  • Chain Bridge
  • Water Tower
  • Vig Theater
  • Museum of Arts and Mysteries

If you have some free time to relax, I recommend that you go to the infamous Baths of Budapest.

Budapest where to eat and what to eat

Regardless of taste (have you ever seen breaded chicken breast covered with peaches in syrup?) Be careful of the quantities.

We too, like many other tourists went to the restaurant FATAL (of which many have mentioned the generous portions).

Here the single dishes are easily enough for two people.

Al PAPRIKA restaurant (on the avenue facing Piazza degli Eroi) the dish for two people was enough for at least three.

I personally recommend the ristorante APOSTOLS in Kigyo utca (a side street of Vaci utca, Ferenciek tere area) characteristic for the wooden furnishings similar to the choir or confessionals of an old church or the RUSTICO at the bottom of Vaci utca (for those coming from the center) furnished with ancient peasant civilization.

Budapest advice on where to shop

For the Shopping I highly recommend going to the usual one Vaci Street which is full of shops; at the beginning (always for those coming from the center), leaving behind the square where the Gerbeaud pastry shop stands (to try!), on the left there is the one that has been called fashion street with many Spanish brands at Hungarian prices.

At the Nyugati ter metro stop, and where it starts Vaci Ut (not to be confused with Vaci utca), there is a huge shopping center ideal especially for a rainy afternoon.

The covered market, mentioned by all the guides, is also worth a visit.

I hope these tips will be useful for you to have a great stay in this wonderful city.

Budapest photo gallery

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