Sapori di Giù in Genk, Belgium

Abroad do you tend to avoid Italian restaurants on principle? Do you like to experiment, get closer to the local culture also thanks to the cuisine, do you prefer to avoid disappointment, because you become very critical about cooking, combinations, authenticity and respect for the gastronomic tradition of our peninsula? Then read this post!

A Genk, you will have a pleasant surprise: the best Italian restaurant in the city of Limburg will not disappoint you.

The restaurant Flavors of Down, well furnished, well-kept veranda, tables set with care and an excellent welcome, opens at 18.00. While waiting to decide from the menu, they will offer you an aperitif that will be served accompanied by olives and a mini portion of fish each. What cuteness!
And then off with the appetizers: they offer one of the most tasty bruschetta I've ever eaten! In Belgium, who would have thought that!
And again, tuna steak with caramelized Tropea onions and vegetables that melted in the mouth. After tasting it you will agree that the restaurant could be renamed flavors of the sea.

One of my colleagues from Limburg with Italian roots confessed to me that he always finds his roots in the dishes of Sapori di Giù, it is a certainty: fresh products, autochthonous, artfully cooked and served with grace and elegance but without the embarrassment of overly set restaurants. At the end of the evening (we can say this because dinner lasts at least two hours: Belgians love to eat calmly and enjoy the company) you will appreciate the magnificent discovery even more! The menu is available on the blog of the restaurant with a lot of explicit prices, but in addition to the menu is also presented a three-course menu from 35 euros. He seems honest to me for everything that awaits you.

And if you have the opportunity to take a low cost flight to Maastricht, Eindhoven or even Brussels, take a trip to Hasselt (there are several music festivals in the area in summer) and then to Genk for an Italian dinner.

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