How to experience the low cost Cuban Cayos

Although not the cheapest among the Central American countries due to dual currency, Cuba it still represents a rather cheap destination for those who want to go on a DIY trip. It is quite easy to build an independent itinerary that includes culture and wildlife.
But how can you visit the Isla Grande without spending a few days at the sea? Impossible!

Some beautiful beaches are located near the cities, so they are easily accessible, among them Playa Ancon and Rancho Luna; but the real paradise for lovers of crystal clear waters are the cayos, small islets of extraordinary beauty. However, they are a bit difficult to reach, unless you want to stay in a 4 or more star resort.

Among the many groups of Cayos we have chosen to visit the Cayerias del Norte, connected to the mainland by a causeway (the Pedraplen) 48 km long. The solution was to stay in the casa particular "Hostal San Carlos”In a small village not far from the beginning of the Pedraplen which is called Remedios. In addition to the excellent welcome offered by the hosts (Ania is really nice and the dinners were the best of the whole trip, the yucca absolutely to taste!) Remedios it turned out to be really special, authentic people and with a great desire to talk about themselves made the experience unforgettable.

The room per night cost 25 CUC (on average for the period January-February), as a means of transport to visit Cayo las Brujas and Cayo Santa Maria we used a taxi, which if shared costs very little. The construction sites for new resorts are numerous and in a few years, as the taxi driver who accompanied us told us, even the last two free beaches unfortunately they will become exclusive to the villages.

So, a last tip, take the opportunity to visit Cuba and its Cayos because unfortunately man is having the best of its wild and unspoiled beaches.

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