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    Trekking in Nepal, tips for beginners

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    Trekking in Nepal, a dream for many walking and sports enthusiasts who want to combine the pleasure of discovering the journey with that of trekking, even in extreme places like Nepal.

    Il trekking it's not always easy, even if it's for everyone, so I tried my hand at writing tips to try a first trek in a country that warms hearts and fills the eyes with enchanting places: Nepal, which with its nine eight-thousanders represents the ideal place to try to make one and test one's skills. We are ready, let's go!

    Trekking in Nepal: flights

    To reach Nepal I recommend booking a flight choosing between Emirates, Ethiad or Qatar, excellent companies with excellent service on board, even if they are developing very well Turkish Airlines and Oman Air. In about ten hours of flight you reach the spectacular and chaotic Kathmandu, although unfortunately in this period, given the unrest in the south of the country, the flights make a mandatory technical stop in Delhi for refueling.

    Visas, necessary documents and vaccinations

    Once you have taken the ticket you are almost ready to go, just a few small clarifications are missing: no details are required vaccines and visa it is done upon arrival at the airport. You just need 2 passport photos and obviously a valid passport, and then on the plane they leave you a document to fill out, so you can optimize the times, even if you have to arm yourself with lots of patience: Kathmandu airport is not really among the most technological in the world, but don't worry, you will gradually get your visa.

    Trekking in Nepal: what do I need?

    It must be taken into account that the best times to go trekking in Nepal are two: from mid-October to the end of November, when the rains stop and the days are clear, e April May, when the temperatures start to rise and you can enjoy the flowering of rhododendrons.
    Usually, you always leave with something in your suitcase and I recommend that you bring the bare minimum, also because often during the treks you have one or more porters who help you carry some of your things, so you always try not to overload neither him nor yourself.

    Sleeping bag and comfortable shoes must absolutely not be missing; some t-shirts, heavy and light trousers, perhaps those that can be shortened, anorak, gloves, hat, socks and sports underwear. If you suffer from the cold so much, I also recommend warm pajamas for the night. obviously equipment and clothing vary according to the treks, but I don't think you will attempt the summit of Everest as your first experience!

    And now let's go backpacking! Or didn't you bring anything? Well, the Thamel neighborhood a Kathmandu offers you everything and more for hiking and at excellent prices. So even if you leave with an empty suitcase you will have no problem finding excellent clothing and equipment for the mountains.
    Perfect now that the suitcase is ready you start walking. Take into account that the 3.000 meters. you always surpass them, therefore drink plenty of water, slow down your pace and breath and every now and then eat some sugar: they are excellent aids to avoid altitude sickness.

    Trekking: do I organize them by myself or do I have to rely on someone?

    Trekking can be organized in various ways:

    1. From Italy with Italian guides, but I do not recommend it given the disproportionate costs;
    2. From Italy but relying on Nepalese trekking companies;
    3. Directly in Nepal where you are spoiled for choice, as trekking agencies are everywhere.

    It is possible to go alone, but it is nonetheless recommended, because you never know who or what you meet and in case of need it is always better to have someone who can help. In addition, to be able to go trekking a visa which is issued following the payment of a fee.

    As already mentioned above, usually, you always have a guide and one or more porters, depending on how many you are during the excursion. The guide is useful because explains the mountains to you and the environment that surrounds you, but above all it acts as an intermediary with the Nepalese people. It also offers you the possible lodges available and obviously in case of difficulty during the journey it is always next to you. There are those who say they don't want porters, but I assure you that they are a godsend, obviously without abusing their kindness, since they would carry you too!

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