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I've been onSan Andres island Colombian Caribbean last year.

The island is part of the Colombia and it is as big as a handkerchief and there are very few hotels.

To move you use i Caddy, if you go there for 1 week it's ok, for longer you risk getting bored, because it's too small.

The amazing thing is the shopping street in fact there is an avenue full of shops of all kinds that I really liked very much.

I went with Colombian friends and then we ate in typical places on the islet.

The only really negative note was the humidity, the weather is very sultry all year round.

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San Andres Island local, beaches and tips

THESan Andres island it has a more Colombian than Spanish culture and is also relatively more contaminated by North American mass tourism, so you live among the very nice and friendly locals.

I was particularly struck by the very white beaches, By coral atolls, from a sea wonderful and, as I have already mentioned before, come on shops where to do Shopping.

I also want to point out that the island is quiet, even at night, so women can go around alone without being bothered.

Rent a scooter, get around the island freely and even if you will probably stay in San Andres city ​​(they call it The Center), go to the sea from Where Francesca immediately passed the town of St. Louis.

This local it is really a gem, you eat very well, the beach is beautiful and even the owner is a very sweet person.

In conclusion, I really recommend to anyone who has decided to take a vacation to San Andres to spend at least three or four days in any case a Providence.

This is the ideal place for those who love the sea and total relaxation.

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