Grand Place in Brussels

Grand-Place of Brussels, the main square of the Belgian city. A square with many interesting buildings, the palaces of the arts, a square to be discovered.

La Grand Place is the central square of the city of Brussels. Surrounding it are the houses of the guilds, the Hôtel de Ville that is the Town Hall, built between 1402 and 1455 and the Maison du Roi, a wooden building where bread was sold. The Grand Place is considered one of the most beautiful squares in the world and was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1998.

Every two years the Flower Carpet also called the Infiorata, over 700.000 flowers all on the Grand Place, to see and photograph.

Here are also the guild houses and precisely:

n ° 1: The Roi d'Espagne, House of the Bakers' Guild. Built in 1696 by Jean Cosyn.
n ° 2-3: La Brouette, House of the Guild of the Grassieri, of the XV was rebuilt in stone in 1644 ,.
n ° 4: The bag, House of the Guild of Cabinet makers, with the tools of the trade decorating the façade. The whole building was restored in 1912 by the architect Jean Seghers; today it hosts "La Maison des Maitres Chocolatiers Belges".
n ° 5: La Louve, House of the Oath of the Archers. Built in stone in 1690 by Pierre Herbosch.
n ° 6: Le Cornet, House of the Battellieri Guild. Rebuilt in 1697 by Antoine Pastorana who designed the pediment in the shape of a ship's stern.

n ° 7: Fox, House of the Merchants' Guild.
n ° 8: L'Etoile, Casa dell'Amman.
n ° 9: The Swan. Born as a bourgeois house, it was built in 1698.
n ° 10: L'Arbre d'or, House of the Guild and the Brewers and today the Beer Museum.
n ° 11: La Rose, Bourgeois house rebuilt in 1702 and restored in 1901.
n ° 24-25: La Chaloupe d'Or, House of the Guild of Tailors.
n ° 26-27: Pigeon, House of the Painters' Guild, sold in 1697 to the stonecutter-architect Pierre Simon, considered the author of the facade. It was inhabited by Victor Hugo in 1852.

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