Hotels and lodges are available in most cities and usually offer more amenities than motels. The rooms usually cost money from $ 80 to $ 300 per night, while the expensive glamorous hotels found in most large cities cost more and offer larger luxury suites than many apartments.

To know

Check-in and check-out they are almost always between 11:00 and 14: 00-16: 00.

Some hotels in the United States do not accept people under the age of 21 unless accompanied by older people at check-in.

Many hotels, especially those in large cities like New York and Las Vegas, require credit card as a security deposit.

Types of structures

Many US cities have their own "Edge Cities”In suburban areas with luxury hotels aimed at wealthy business travelers. These hotels often have all the services of a downtown hotel, but at less exorbitant prices.

In many rural areas, particularly on the coasts and in New England, i can often be found B&B offering bed and breakfast. They are usually in houses or buildings with less than 12 rooms, converted into B & Bs and offer accommodation with free breakfast served (of varying quality and abundance). Bed and breakfasts range from around $ 50 to $ 200 per night. They can be a nice break from the impersonality of hotel chains and motels.

Hotel guides

The two best-known hotel guides covering the whole of the United States are the AAA (formerly the American Automobile Association, typically pronounced “Triple-A”), available to members of affiliated automobile clubs around the world at local AAA offices; and the Mobil Travel Guide, available in bookstores. There are several websites for booking hotels online; these offer lower prices than booking rooms directly at the hotel.

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