The skyscrapers of New York: the most famous and which ones to visit

The Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, Flatiron Building, Top of the Rock… the list of iconic buildings in New York is very long! There Big Apple and the second city, after Hong Kong, for the largest number of skyscrapers!

Some of these buildings can be visited and from their terraces they offer breathtaking views of Manhattan. Other New York skyscrapers are architectural jewels and, although they cannot be visited from inside, they deserve to be seen from the streets of New York. Today these constructions are the pride of the inhabitants and create admiration among tourists.

But what are the most famous buildings or skyscrapers in New York? Here's one top 10 of those that you absolutely must visit or see!


The tallest buildings in New York

One World Trade Center

The first place goes to One World Trade Center which is located 541 meters above the ground. Located within walking distance of the 11/XNUMX Memorial in Lower Manhattan, the World Trade Center complex is reborn from its ashes with this magnificent tower, which has become the tallest tower in New York. But in addition to being the tallest building in Manhattan, the One World Trade Center is also the tallest tower in the United States and the third tallest tower in the world!


When you discover the Big Apple, you can't miss this construction: its facade is made of reflective glass and at the top, a huge arrow points to the sky. What makes this skyscraper so interesting is the One World Observatory, an observation deck on the 102nd floor that offers a 360 ° view on New York! From here, the view is simply fantastic and you can see the impressive buildings of Midtown, but also there Statue of Liberty or the financial district at the foot of the skyscraper.

Visit the One World Trade Center skyscraper in New York

Indirizzo: 285 Fulton Street – Manhattan, New York
Hours: open every day from 9:00 to 22:00
Price: around 33 euros (Book online and skip the line)

432 Park Avenue

Second place goes to 432 Park Avenue, located in Midtown.

Unlike the previous one, it is a residential building and its 426 meters high give it the title of the tallest residential building in the world. It has 85 floors and is one of the buildings most prestigious. Inside they were built 147 apartments ! Their purchase price? Between 16,95 and 95 million dollars! Prices in accordance with its various luxury facilities: cinema, private restaurant, wellness center, indoor swimming pool ...

The furniture is designer and another advantage of this building is the magnificent view it offers over the city!

432 Park Avenue is not as famous as the others because this New York skyscraper, in addition to being very recent (2015), it cannot be visited.

Empire State Building

Third place goes to the Empire State Building which opened its doors to the public in May 1931. The interior of the building housed, and still houses, mainly offices. Until 1973, it was the tallest skyscraper in New York: its height reaches i 381 meters and count 102 plans in total. It is now surpassed in height by the other two much more recent buildings: the One World Trade Center and New York's brand new skyscraper, 432 Park Avenue.

Empire State Building New York –

Located on Fifth Avenue, built in the art deco style, the Empire State Building is a magnificent skyscraper that has already appeared in several films such as King Kong. From its top you can enjoy the magnificent views over the city. And if you visit New York during a special event (like Independence Day) you can see the Empire State Building illuminated!

Visit the Empire State Building in New York

Indirizzo: 350 5th Avenue – Manhattan, New York
Hours: open every day from 8:00 to 2:00
Price: around 33 euros (book online and secure priority access) Book your ticket with priority access

Admission is subject to a fee, but is included in the New York Pass and in New York City Pass!


Other famous buildings of New York

Top of the Rock / Rockfeller Center

Rockefeller Center is a collection of 19 buildings all located nearby in Midtown. The Comcast Building which houses theOsservatorio Top of the Rock is part of this impressive complex ...


It is a'3-storey observatory which offers one of the most beautiful views of New York.

On the one hand, we can see a good part of Manhattan with a magnificent view of the Empire State Building. On the other side, an incomparable panorama of the most famous park in New York: Central Park.

Admission to the Top of the Rock is not free but is included in the New York City Pass. With this pass, you will save money and avoid the queues at the entrance!

Visita l’edificio Top of the Rock a New York

Indirizzo: 30 Rockefeller Plaza – Manhattan, New York
Hours: open every day from 8:00 to 23:00
Price: around 34 euros (to skip the line, book online)

Flatiron Building


Nowadays, the Flatiron Building no longer impresses with its height. In fact, this skyscraper dating from 1902 and measuring only 91 meters high is largely surpassed by the tallest skyscrapers in New York.

However, in terms of architecture, it remains one of the most beautiful buildings in New York. In fact, as the name suggests, the Flatiron Building is an iron-shaped building, simply stunning and impressive! It is located at the intersection of Broadway and Fifth Avenue. Broadway is the only street in Manhattan that does not respect the grid pattern of New York streets, and this beautiful building fits this street!

It cannot be visited entirely, but don't hesitate to photograph it and once in front, push the door and go inside for discover its atrium! This little visit is worth the detour and is also free!

Chrysler Building


Art Deco architecture, 319 meters high, 77 floors, these are the main features of the Chrysler Building! In the past, this skyscraper it was the tallest in the city, but after the construction and opening of the Empire State Building, it lost the top spot.

The Chrysler Building is a magnificent monument where you can see them different decorations. It was built with different materials: steel, granite, marble… and its arrow that indicates the sky lights up after sunset.

Today, this New York building it cannot be visited entirely (only its lobby can be discovered). During your stay in New York, you will be satisfied with observing this building from the streets of Manhattan. It is located at 405 Lexington Avenue a Midtown.

Dakota Building

The Dakota building is one of the oldest buildings in the city. It was built in a Neo-Renaissance style and was declared in 1976 national historic monument. At the time, apartment rent was between $ 1.000 and $ 5,600, but today, on average, it takes a $ 25.000 monthly budget to have the privilege of living in the Dakota building. Located on the Upper West Side on the edge of Central Park, today this building is home to famous or very wealthy people.


Little anecdote: the Dakota Building was the residence of John Lennon and is the one where he was assassinated in 1980.

Bank of America Tower

The Bank of America Tower is a building located in Manhattan. It is a office building and at the end of its construction in 2009, this skyscraper was the second tallest in the city (behind the Empire State Building).


But with the construction of the One World Trade Center, it lost its place.

The Bank of America Tower is easily recognizable thanks to its particular shape and the glass coating. At the top, two arrows were installed: one rises to 293 meters and the other to 365,5 meters.

The Bank of America Tower was built with environmentally friendly materials and in compliance with energy standards; peculiarities that should make this skyscraper one of the “greenest” buildings in the world.

40 Wall Street

40 Wall Street (or Trump Building) is a old building built in 1930, but has undergone some renovations over time.

Today it is an iconic skyscraper of the city. Its architecture is inspired by the art deco style and its height is 282,5 meters.

40 Wall Street –

40 Wall Street is now intended for commercial use. It consists of 70 floors and has 36 elevators. It was bought in 1995 by Donald Trump for less than $ 10 million and is now valued at $ 500 million.

As the name suggests, this building is located on Wall Street and therefore in the district called the Financial District.


The One57


The One57 is a residential skyscraper located in Midtown Manhattan. This building is nicknamed “The Billionaire Building” due to the high prices per square meter. With a height of 306 meters, One57 is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city and until the construction of 432 Park Avenue, it was the tallest residential building in New York.

The One57 has a modern design and has many facets: the first floors are occupied by 200 rooms managed by the luxurious hotel Park Hyatt. Luxurious boutiques and gourmet restaurants have also been opened and the top floors are occupied by private apartments (135 in total) bought by wealthy people.

One57's lobby can be visited for free and if your budget allows, don't hesitate to shop at its luxury stores and / or eat at its restaurants!

With this diverse information on New York City buildings, you are ready to enjoy the magnificent views of Manhattan but also to observe the most beautiful buildings in the streets of New York City.

If you have any additional questions or comments about NYC skyscrapers, feel free to comment on this post using the comments below.

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