Visit Valley of Fire, Nevada, all tips

What to see in Nevada in addition to Las Vegas, here is the Valley of Fire, the Valley of Fire, 90km from the city of entertainment in the United States of America. All the low cost tips, even for camping.

The area adjacent to the crazy and colorful city of Las Vegas it is full of fun and interesting activities. I always recommend planning a few days for day trips to explore the surroundings since the Nevada it is a short distance from very interesting sites, both of a historical and naturalistic nature.

I visited Las Vegas in December when some parks were not accessible at the time due to snow, so I was advised to visit Valley of Fire, about 90 km away from the city and still open to visitors in that period. Just do a little research online to understand the origin of its name. Valley of Fire, Valley of Fire, looks like the perfect place for a science fiction film. Its red sandstone formations give the landscape an almost mystical and dreamlike aspect.

Il park it was established in 1935 and has considerable historical and landscape importance. The formation of its red rocks dates back to 150 million years ago and the area was inhabited since ancient times, in fact in some places you can admire Indian petroglyphs from 3000 years ago. The park area is considered to have been inhabited from about 300 BC to 1150 AD, for purposes mainly related to hunting, gathering food and for the performance of religious ceremonies. The area, lacking in water, has never been inhabited for long periods. In small museum which welcomes visitors upon arrival you can admire numerous historical artifacts, as well as deepen the history of the park and learn about all the varieties of fauna and flora present within it, I highly recommend you stop and visit the exhibition as it allows an understanding of all aspects concerning the area.

There are numerous rest areas and for the picnic, as well as scenic spots that will allow you to fully enjoy this unique landscape, which appears to be a small portion of Mars on planet Earth. There are also numerous hiking trails that will allow you to explore the park on foot by entering areas not accessible to cars. I strongly advise you to stop and follow one of the paths because you will experience a wonderful feeling of estrangement from the world and you will really get in touch with the place. Ask for information at the welcome center, where the staff can advise you on the most suitable path for you in terms of length and difficulty.

Plan your visit to Valley of Fire State Park

I recommend that you plan your visit dedicating a full day to the park. One of the main aspects to consider will be the time of year when you visit it, which is particularly important for both temperature, which can have significant fluctuations during a day, both for the duration of daylight. In fact, the sun sets very early in winter and since there is no lighting, it is particularly not recommended to be surprised by the dark during an excursion in the middle of the park!

Matches well organized with food, water and suitable clothing if you decide to go trekking, as well as protection such as hats and sunscreen if you plan to visit in the summer or heavier clothing for your winter excursion.

The access fee is paid at the park entrance and varies between the 7 and 12 dollars for the whole day.

There is the possibility of camp, for a maximum of 14 days, in some areas of the park, at a cost varying between 14 and 30 dollars, without the need to book.

Set aside some time forexploration of the park also by car. The landscape you will discover is truly remarkable and photogenic, you will have the opportunity to get shots of a deserted road surrounded by the beautiful Martian context of Valley of Fire State Park and, trust me, the final result will be incredible!

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