Miami cheap flights, when to go

Tips for booking a low cost flight to Miami, when to go and when is the perfect time of year to go on a trip to Florida, all in the post.

Endless white beaches, year-round sunshine, exclusive nightlife and some of the most beautiful clubs in the world. All this is Miami. Let's face it: who wouldn't want to go to Miami, even just out of curiosity, at least once?

Miami is a very expensive city but if you choose the right times you can at least save a little something on the trip. Let's see together some little tricks if you want to leave for this sunny city in Florida.

Miami, low cost flights

Like all flights, we usually find prices that vary according to the seasons and the period. Obviously the prices go up during the busiest periods like August, Christmas, New Year, Easter and so on. THE better prices you can find them in the months of October, November, February, March, April, May and June. If you can, avoid leaving on the weekend and prefer one day during the week.

Apart from these small tricks, it is always very difficult to understand how an airline thinks because behind there are many marketing strategies unknown to us. Sometimes it is thought that it is better to book at the last minute to find a good last minute, other times it is thought that it is better to book well in advance: let's say that there is no fixed rule, sometimes it is even a little a stroke of luck.

Looking in Google some time ago, I found that various travel sites have tried to do surveys to find out what is the best time to book: it is said to be 10 to 6 weeks before of the departure date and I must say that I agree enough. When I went to Miami I booked the flight a couple of months before and the price was absolutely great, moreover on the direct Milan - Miami. You need to be patient and take the time to constantly look at prices to grab the best deal.

Another piece of advice I would like to give is not to book flights directly from the airline but go directly to online buyers who compare various prices and view all the solutions. It saves a lot of the flight + hotel option that you can find for example on Expedia, with great prices and excellent solutions.

Miami, when to go?

Besides the problem of finding a good low cost flight, you also have to ask yourself the problem of when is the best time to go to Miami. Miami is in close proximity to the Caribbean and therefore we find a warm climate in winter and very humid in summer. The best times therefore are certainly winter and spring.

November, December, January and February are great months to go to Miami. The climate is dry, the rain is almost non-existent and the maximums are around 25 degrees. The spring months are also great for going to Miami: rain is not very frequent and temperatures are warmer.

From personal experience I strongly advise against the period of late May and early June; the humidity is very high and the heat is unbearable! There are several episodes of very strong thunderstorms and the ocean water is very warm. The same goes for July, August and September with the addition of hurricanes and tropical storms. In short, if you can avoid these months it is much better.

I think the ideal conclusion of this article is that sometimes, apart from all the advice, both for low cost flights and for the weather, it takes a lot of luck.

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