Black Friday, sales up to 80% in New York

    Crazy for the sale? There is no need to wait for the endless period between summer and winter discounts!
    A New York the busiest day of the year is called Black Friday. This day occurs every year on the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving Day. What exactly does it consist of?

    You know the American films where you see people queuing for hours to enter a certain store to buy something? Here is not just a science fiction film, but it is pure reality. Friday 29 November 2013 most shops will open at midnight on the dot sales from 50% up to 80%, others they will open around 2 am and in any case all will remain open until the regular closing time of late afternoon always on Friday.

    Prepare energy bars and drinks that take sleep away, get ready for almost endless queues, get ready to run when the store opens and get ready to be faster than the others in grabbing your favorite item!

    Wear something warm, also take a hot drink just to warm your hands while waiting, if you have the opportunity why not even one stool to sit on. A advice: go, if you can, to study a few days before position of things you want so you know exactly where to go!
    It looks more like a war on survival, but it's actually just wonderful shopping at bargain prices!

    And when it's 6 in the morning you start looking at the sky, theNew York sunrise it is as magical as everything else in this city. The colors of the sky will embrace the lights of the skyscrapers and you can only feel the sense of peace that will fill your heart. New York is unique 365 days a year.

    In New York and throughout America this event literally drives people crazy and seeing the newspapers reporting this news makes us kind, we have to admit it. But in the end it often happens when we talk about Apple or big brands that decide to make sales or big, very big discounts, and even here then you queue in front of the shops and even someone stops to sleep in front of the shutters. An amazing thing to understand, but much, much more common than you think. And are you ready for Balck Friday?

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