Ferrara: what to see in one day

What to see in one day in Ferrara, where to eat something typical and where to have a coffee, which museum not to miss and what to visit to be able to say that you have seen Ferrara, even if one day is not enough and you will have to return.

A trip to Ferrara in one day? It is not enough. Too many things to see. But we understand that you can't always do what you want; nor can you have as much time as you would like. So, if you have decided to visit this beautiful city in just one day, I tell you below how to do, what to see.

Ferrara: what to see in one day

First, get in train it is certainly a good solution. From the station, the avenue leading to the center will take you directly to the main square, that of the Estense Castle, the beating heart of every tourist visit of the city and its starting point. Along the avenue, don't forget to admire some residential style buildings on either side Liberty and, if you come in Autumn, the foliage of the ginkgo that line the road.

A proposed itinerary

Once in the center, you can start your tour from Cathedral of San Giorgio, an admirable example of XNUMXth century Gothic; indeed, one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in all of Italy. The Cathedral stands in the center of the main square: the contrast between the bustle of everyday life outside the church walls, with the market, newsagents, commercial activities and the silence that reigns inside will enchant you.

Ferrara: what to see in one day
Leaving the Cathedral, the tour continues in the direction of Castle Estense, home to a valuable permanent collection of artifacts and, as I write, some of the most beautiful works of two great artists from Ferrara, such as Boldini and De Pisis: these are masterpieces that remained hidden following the earthquake of 2012 and now returned to public enjoyment thanks to their temporary exhibition in the rooms of the Castle, waiting for Palazzo Massari to reopen, where they were previously exhibited.

Ferrara: what to see in one day

After your visit to the Castle, you will probably be hungry. I suggest you try one of these taverns or trattorias:

  1. Hostaria Savonarola 
  2. Al Postiglione 
  3. Enoteca Al Brindisi

In a separate article, What to eat in Ferrara, 5 typical dishes, I wrote something more about the typical foods of the city of Ferrara. It is a small vademecum for those who visit the city and also want to eat something special, to discover the city and its artistic and architectural beauties, but also to get to know its flavors and aromas.

Ferrara: what to see in one day

For a coffee I recommend instead Giori Brewery, which is a bar in all respects and is located just below the Castle, in Piazza Savonarola, in front of the homonymous Hostaria; alternatively, you will be spoiled for choice, among the various historic cafes that overlook the square and the adjacent squares.

In the afternoon, your visit must necessarily include Schifanoia Palace, built in the second half of the fourteenth century and enlarged under Borso d'Este in 1470, with its magnificently frescoed rooms, the only surviving example of an Estense residence intended for representation and court entertainment. The Salone with the cycle of the Months is very famous. Not to be missed!

Ferrara: what to see in one day

The visit to Palazzo Schifanoia will take you some time away; for this reason, you probably don't have time to see anything else. You can at most take a tour in the ghetto, among its splendid alleys and its art and craft shops, to its food shops of other times. Here you can breathe an ancient air that you will not forget.

What I have proposed to you is an itinerary designed for colder months, autumn and winter. We will leave to another post the advice on Ferrara in Spring and Summer, with its parks, walks on the walls in search of the Finzi Contini garden and much more. Because Ferrara is a green, friendly, cycle-friendly and kind city. Which should be visited over and over again. And that never ceases to bewitch, in every season.

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