Holidays in Cuba: what to see and what to do absolutely

Journey to discover Cuba: what are the places of interest, attractions, natural sites and everything that you absolutely cannot miss if you are in this incredible land. Let's find out what to do and what to see in this beautiful Caribbean island.

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Cuba: tourism and information

Cuba it is an enchanting and incredible territory, it is the largest island of the archipelago of Becauseflaw and has a predominantly flat territory with a mountain range located in the southern part where it is possible to enjoy an uncontaminated nature of rare beauty.

The reasons for visit Cuba certainly not lacking, if you are looking for a dream destination, a place to spend quality time immersed in scenic wonders and more, this is the place for you.

Between the kindness and friendliness of the locals, the evenings spent sipping a good drink surrounded by rhythmic and engaging music and the excursions or days spent by the sea, we are sure that this place will leave you speechless.

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Cuba attractions and places of interest

Cuba is a destination known mainly for its Caribbean beaches with crystal clear waters, where you can make unforgettable dives to discover the second barrier Reef largest in the world.

But beware, Cuba has so much more to offer to its visitors and it is precisely for this reason that we have thought of this travel guide with directions and advice on the main places of interest in Cuba between colonial cities, national parks, nature reserves and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Havana and the fortifications - Cuba

A trip to Cuba self-respecting cannot fail to include, in the travel program, a stop in the capital Havana. The city offers a series of places and attractions to visit, it is a lively and dynamic reality where, moreover, it is also necessary to dwell on local culinary traditions by tasting the typical dishes.

We recommend a visit to Museum of the Revolution housed in the former Presidential Palace, al National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba where to admire the works of the most important local artists, and the beautiful squares such as Francis of Assisi Square with his art installations or Cathedral Square where the Cuba Cathedral, symbol of the Cuban Baroque movement.

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Honorable mention then goes to Old Havana, one of the oldest areas of the city where testimonies of over four hundred years of Spanish domination are preserved which, taken together, constitute a cultural and artistic heritage of such importance that they have become World Heritage Site in 1982.

Viñales Valley – Cuba

Located in the westernmost part of the island, Valle Vinales is another of the sites UNESCO of the country, a real paradise spread over an area of ​​132 square kilometers.

Valle Vinales it is extremely rich in terms of flora and fauna and is a much loved destination by trekking enthusiasts and not only. The merit is of the uncontaminated nature that reigns supreme here among features tobacco plantations where it is possible to go horseback riding, the Indian Cave, a small cave hosting an underground river and the Great Cavern of Santo Tomas, the largest and most beautiful cave complex on the island over 46 km long.

Camaguey – Cuba

Rich in history and culture, the city ​​of Camagüey it presents itself to visitors as a labyrinthine tangle of alleys and streets to be covered on foot. The city was founded in the sixteenth century by the Spaniards and its historic center, the oldest nucleus, has become part of the heritage sites ofUNESCO.

A peculiarity of this city is the fact that it has a Catholic soul which is also expressed through the presence of religious architectures such as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Candelaria or the Church of Our Lady of Mercy.

Other must-see attractions include the Museum of Saint John of God, Carmen Square and Ignatius Agramonte Park.

Topes of Collantes – Cuba

Collantes stoppers is a natural park in the mountain range ofEscambray in Cuba, easily accessible from the city of Trinity.

One of the most notable features of the park is the presence of breathtaking waterfalls, some even over 60 meters high and of incredible beauty like the Vega Grande Jump or Salto Caburní.

Here it is possible to try a series of experiences, some guided and others not, including outdoor canyoning, walking Big Vegas Trail but also relaxing and regenerating experiences such as a stop at the spa.


Another Old Town included in the list of heritage sites UNESCO I say Hundred fires, with its neoclassical buildings in excellent condition that immediately give the feeling of being in the 1800s, without giving up the typical Cuban liveliness, forming a very interesting combination.

We recommend that you stop and visit the Thomas Terry Theater, also inside, the suggestive and picturesque promenade Malecón Pier especially at sunset, the Fortress of Our Lady of the Angels of Jagua and the most eccentric and fascinating neighborhood in the whole city: Punta Gorda.

Cuba: images and photos

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