5 places in Milan to surf the internet

Five cafes or places to eat and drink in Milan while surfing the city for free. The advice of those who know them and have already tried them all for you.

You know when you're around Milan, is it hot and you are early for your appointment? Or is your appointment late? You could use that time to process those two or three emails, to verify that data if only there was a valid connection somewhere.
Here 5 places in Milan where you can surf the internet and work in peace for the price of a coffee or a cupcake.

5 places in Milan to surf the internet

Open - More than Books

Bookshop, café, bistro for lunch and aperitifs, coworking space, training center, Open Milano is this and much more.

Opened in 2013, it quickly became one of the trendiest places among the Milanese: university students go there to study in the rooms dedicated to silence, high school students tell each other about their maturity between a coke and a beer, professionals on a lunch break for a salad or a toast, the ladies on a break from shopping along Porta Romana for a slice of cheese cake and everyone at aperitif time or for book presentations at happy hour.

But above all, you can go there if you are around Milan and looking for a place to have a drink and surf in peace for a couple of hours. The gem: sometimes there is also a massager to straighten and loosen shoulders contracted for hours on books or tablets. A nice convenience, right?

5 places in Milan to surf the internet

Coffice, corner of Porta Romana

Small, delightful, a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the center. Already become a destination for healthier lunch breaks (they have a whole menu for celiacs, including beer), Coffice is the creature of Irene and Alberto, companions also in life.

There you can find girls who take a fresh centrifuge after the yoga class at the nearby center, professionals who take a barley in a large cup and the yuccie, the young urban creatives, who mess around (you surf in optical fiber, not bubbole), chat, create between a plum cake and a slice of bread with nutella or currant jam.

Free access to the buffet (yes also to Nutella), fiber optic navigation and € 4.50 station for the first hour. Each extra now is € 1. Daily, weekly or annual passes available.

5 places in Milan to surf the internet

Bistrot, Milan Central Station

More than a station bar, it is a hub of destinies, travels, food and… bits.
Renovated preserving the original "imposing" spirit, with beautiful polychrome marbles and vertiginous windows, the Central Bistrot is a jewel in the crown of station catering and beyond.

The oven goes at a continuous pace, churning out focaccias, pizzas and cakes, in the kitchen kilos and kilos of fresh fruit and vegetables are selected and washed for juices, fruit salads, salads, etc. The wifi connection is free and you can sit at the tables and stools scattered in the large space in front of the counter while you wait for the train to nibble, read and surf. Spotted yuccie going there to smell the new trends and work.

The gem: the coffee made with the Neapolitan.
5 places in Milan to surf the internet


Avoid during lunch breaks if you are in a hurry, because the queue is long, a sign of love at first sight between the Milanese and Viva. This small chain of fresh and organic food has opened 2 stores in 3 years. The largest is in Largo Crocetta, just above the yellow line metro stop of the same name and has free wifi.

Here you can make your own salad, take a dish with rice and chicken curry or a mega fresh fruit salad with yoghurt or a yoghurt with honey and nuts, but above all a delicious centrifuge and some screaming dark chocolate cupcakes. This year they have added a small hyper-popular outdoor gazebo for healthy aperitifs based on juices and tea.

At its tables you will find students fighting the heat with fruit and even the students of the dance school of the Teatro Carcano which is across the street.
The gem: the “Purple” centrifuge with ginger.

5 places in Milan to surf the internet

That's Bakery

Cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes, but also Grandma Duck cakes with icing and cherries. And above all, good background music, a bright atmosphere, American coffee and jasmine tea with leaves to be left to infuse according to the instructions of your waiter. Could free wifi be missing here? Obviously not and in fact there is.

If you have a couple of hours before your new appointment in Porta Genova, Tortona or Navigli area, take refuge here, because That's the place.

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