La Prisgiona village in Arzachena, Sardinia

Sardinia does not only mean sea, but also archaeological heritage with a fascinating history. In the post, all the tips for visiting the La Prisgiona Village, in Arzachena.

The La Prisgiona Village is located in the territory of Arzachena (north-eastern part of Sardinia) which contains the famous Costa Smeralda.
Its coast is a succession of beaches and suggestive views of the sea.
Over time, however, the hinterland has also become a place of attraction. Starting with archaeological heritage that the municipality is trying to enhance. So a really good opportunity for travelers to meet and learn more. Are you curious to know and find out more about the archeology of these places?

Arzachena Archaeological Park

In fact, in Arzachena, an archaeological park was born that collects all the sites of interest scattered in the countryside. Thanks especially to discovery and enhancement of the Nuragic Village of la Prisgiona, today the most important archaeological site in northeastern Sardinia.
The site is located in the Capichera Valley in the direction of Luogosanto, where we find hills embroidered with vineyards and a splendid landscape of the countryside: a marvel for the eyes!
To welcome us there is a group of very passionate cultural guides who during the summer carry out guided tours every hour or so. Deciding to rely on a local guide will certainly give you a lot more knowledge.

The visit becomes a real one-day excursion and allows us to discover something more about the past and the mysteries of the Nuragic civilization which, as we know, left no forms of writing but imposing constructions throughout the island.
In fact, the nuraghe is one of the best known symbols of Sardinia, a circular tower of large boulders that we often find on the heights or in particularly significant places and dating back to the Bronze Age.
There are about 7000 of them throughout Sardinia but it is estimated that they were almost 20000 in the Nuragic age. Mighty buildings, strategically located and built to last over time, are still partly a mystery and have a lot to tell about the Nuragic civilization.

La Prisgiona Village: a story to know

Also here at Prisgiona the excavations have brought to light a wonderful and complex nuraghe with protective walls, as well as a village of about ninety huts (many still to be excavated), a well still active and the "meeting hut" in which the village chiefs met. Inside the hut a particular vase with unusual decorations was found and probably destined to contain a special drink for the functions that took place in this hut so important for the community.

The nuraghe of La Prisgiona dominated this fertile and populated territory and probably had a multiple purpose both to defend and to govern the village. A really interesting past to explore.

After visiting the village and leaving the car in the parking lot, you can continue on foot through the Path of the Giants, a nature trail to reach another extremely suggestive place: the Tomb of the Giants of Coddu Vecchio.
A collective granite tomb with a large central stele and a long corridor for burial. Visiting this place on foot will leave you speechless: unique moments to meditate and go back in time with your mind and eyes.

How to get around in Arzachena

In addition, in the territory of Arzachena there are other sites that can be visited: the Nuraghe Albucciu and the Tempietto Malchittu which are easily found at the entrance of the village near the information point of the Municipality.
While, in the vicinity of la Prisgiona, it is possible to continue by car and visit the Tomb of the Giants of Li Lolghi and the small necropolis of Li Muri.

The sites are generally all open and can be visited in summer, while, as regards the rest of the year, they can be seen by making an appointment with the local guides. You will certainly not be disappointed by the grandeur and historical interest of these places.

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