Castelsardo, what to see in the North of Sardinia

What to see in Castelsardo, in the north of Sardinia, among museums, such as the intertwining one, elephant-shaped rocks and its historic center, as well as its splendid beaches.

One of the destinations not to be missed if you are on holiday in the north Sardinia it is definitely a nice visit to Castelsardo.
Castelsardo is located on the coast overlooking the Gulf of Asinara about forty kilometers north-east of Sassari and has everything you could want. It is a cultural destination rich in tradition, you eat well (especially fish) and has wonderful beaches and inlets nearby. In short, it does not displease anyone.

It is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy thanks to its unmistakable profile, characterized by the walls and the Doria castle that rise in the highest part of the town. The colors of the sea and the sky frame this town made up of many colorful houses and a real stronghold perched on the promontory and overlooking the whole territory.

To visit the center you have to dedicate at least one day, immerse yourself in the narrow medieval streets without haste, walk along the bastion, visit the monuments, churches and museums in the historic part of the town.

The symbol of Castelsardo are the handmade baskets of vegetable fibers and it is still possible to find some women who weave them in the street, sitting outside their homes, while watching and letting passersby watch them. In addition to baskets, you can really find everything in the shops of the town. As for typical crafts, there is an incredible assortment of artifacts from around the island here.

It is no coincidence, in fact, that the castle houses the Museum of Mediterranean weaving, a real documentation center on the art of weaving in Sardinia and in the entire Mediterranean area. The highlight is a boat made only of plant materials, used by freshwater fishermen in the ponds of Cabras and Santa Giusta.

From the well-preserved castle, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the splendid Sardinian sea and it is possible to walk along the walkway of the sentinels that connects the castle with theancient convent of San Martino.

On the sea there is the beautiful Cathedral of Sant'Antonio Abate, particularly thanks to its bell tower colored by majolica and the museum of the Maestro di Castelsardo; while at the base of the Castle it is possible to visit the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, where the wooden crucifix of the black Christ is preserved.

Other palaces are always waiting for us in the historic center, you can choose to visit the Palazzo dei Doria, Palazzo La Loggia, now the seat of the Municipality, the Benedictine Convent or the Palazzo di Eleonora d'Arborea.

If you are lucky enough to visit Castelsardo during Holy Week, you can participate in one of the most evocative celebrations in Sardinia.
There are night processions with the historic center lit by torches, accompanied by the sacred choirs and the pilgrimage at dawn to the basilica of Our Lady of Tergu.

Another symbol of Castelsardo is the elephant rock which is about four kilometers from the town, an unmistakable shape sculpted by the wind and which houses some domus de janas.

Le nearest beaches are the Marina, the town beach, or Lu Bagnu, Cala Ostina and Punta La Capra suitable for those who love surfing.

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