Travel in Italy by car: itineraries for adventurous travelers

Travel by car in Italy it is simple but at the same time adventurous, because Italy as a country lends itself a lot to car travel. There is no area of ​​our beautiful country that cannot be visited by car, but that's not all. There is no area and region that does not have a characteristic landscape, enchanting and unique villages for which you do not want to drive around them in great comfort.

Yeah, because let's face it, this is it convenience of the machine: being able to go where you want at the time you want. being able to leave at dawn so as not to miss lunch at the well-known farmhouse or leave after sunset without the fear that the night trains are all full. The car is the preferred vehicle for those who want move without asking permission, for those who have no worries about driving at night, for those who love to improvise, stop and breathe fresh air in the woods or take pictures of a breathtaking view when the sun goes down.

Travel in Italy by car: itineraries for adventurous travelers

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What can the itineraries by car to do with friends, as a couple or as a family? Let's see them.

Car itinerary with friends

One of the best holidays to do with friends (who love to ski), is going to the mountains, taking all the equipment for snowboarding or skiing. In this way, a car is absolutely essential to arrive and leave as you please and to carry everything home equipment without economically affecting the trip.

Travel in Italy by car: itineraries for adventurous travelers

The mountains are all wonderful and a lot depends on the ski slopes you prefer or on what you want to do (other sports, more or less cheap hotels, nightlife, etc.). Beyond the mountain as a place to play sports, the idea of ​​a trip of this kind is also for fun, to see something different, maybe as unique as they can be Belluno Dolomites.

Among the itineraries to do by car to see beautiful landscapes, in this case we mention the Belluno - Castrozza where you start with Monte Schiara and stop to admire the Cimon della Pala along the way. Another itinerary is Predazzo - Bolzano where you start seeing the peaks of the Latemar and arrive at Lake Carezza. Finally  from Cortina to Dobbiaco to admire the marvelous Cortina D'Ampezzo and reach the Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

Travel in Italy by car: itineraries for adventurous travelers

Itinerary by car in pairs

The car is a wonderful way to travel for the couple as well. We move slowly, we prefer i Villages of Italy where time seems to have stopped and there is no rush. Among the many itineraries that can be done by car in Italy, some are really romantic and suggested for those couples who want to switch off and immerse themselves in some splendid panorama.

Among the romantic itineraries by car we remember the Tuscany., no doubt. In Tuscany, between villages and wine, there is nothing better than changing the cellar and farmhouse every day, getting lost in the countryside that is among the most beautiful in Italy. An itinerary in the Chianti hills for example, touching Greve in Chianti, but also San Giminiano, Volterra, Monteriggioni and finally Siena is an itinerary that speaks for itself.

Travel in Italy by car: itineraries for adventurous travelers
Another itinerary could be the one in Liguria, maybe at Cinque Terre starting from Riomaggiore to Corniglia and then visiting Vernazza and Monterosso. A last romantic couple itinerary can be in Italy in the Amalfi Coast, magical for lovers. In three days of travel by car on the Amalfi Coast, I would not miss: Positano, Fiordi di Furore, Amalfi, Ravello, Minori and Maiori, to finally arrive in Vietri sul mare.

Family car itinerary

The family car trip, maybe with more or less young children, it is not suggested based on some specific itineraries, but mostly for convenience. Traveling with children, whether they are infants or adolescents, requires first of all an infinite patience, but also an ability to adapt and readjust one's path that should not be underestimated. In this specific case, therefore, the family car trip it is not so much for beauty or travel route, as for the convenience that only a car can give.

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