From the Baltics to St. Petersburg, low cost tips

Tips, itineraries, places to sleep and where to eat that interest the Baltic countries up to St. Petersburg, for those who want to take a trip on the road with all the right precautions.

Similar to Scandinavia, but much wilder and with a completely different history behind it: i Baltic countries are a perfect destination for those who love the northern Europe.

Although many still confuse the three republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, each has its own character that makes them simply unique. Estonia, for example, has a nature and a sky reminiscent of those of Canada (plus it has endless expanses of flower fields). Latvia has wonderful beaches and Lithuania even has a few hills or mountains, which is not at all obvious in the endless plains of the Baltic.

Un northern Europe much more affordable and low cost compared to Scandinavia, which has nothing to envy in terms of nature, history and traditions. If Russia is added to the Baltics, that's it the Baltic Sea tour becomes truly complete, also combining the beauty of a city like St. Petersburg. So here are some low cost advice to arrange a trip from the Baltics to St. Petersburg.

Accomodation - in the Baltic States the cost of living is very low, it is therefore very easy to find super offers even for 4-star hotels at low cost prices, with access to the SPA included. In fact, sauna, turkish bath and whirlpool are basic services that almost all accommodation facilities offer. To save even more, you can choose the Guesthouse, that is, the local B & Bs that are located both in the countryside and in the capitals, with prices starting from 20-30 euros per night.

In the three Baltic republics it is advisable always book at least one day in advance, in fact, you can travel hundreds of kilometers without encountering anything along the road (not even a bar or a service area), so never be caught unprepared! A truly unique place to stay in the heart of Estonian nature is theAlgallika Guesthouse: a farmhouse in the heart of Matsalu Park where you can return in full harmony with nature.

Where to eat - also in this case, eat in the Baltics really economic, on average in the restaurants of the capitals with a full meal, including a beer, you spend about 15-20 euros each, while in the other areas, you can also spend 10 euros each. The cuisine of the Baltic countries is a real discovery, it is not made only of soups and tasteless concoctions, on the contrary there is a particular care and research in combining flavors and presenting dishes.

A Tallinn and Viljandi there are two of the best (and most sought after) restaurants in the Baltics: Emmellinne & Otto e Kohvik Fellin, both offer innovative Estonian cuisine. Also eat in St. Petersburg it is definitely low cost, the average cost of a meal in a restaurant in the center (excluding luxury ones of course) is around 13-18 euros each and even in this case, the desire to propose something innovative is a lot! An example are the Warm, near the St. Isaac's Cathedral in the very central area, furnished like an old Russian Dacia and the Buterbrodskybar, along the Neva River, also furnished like an old apartment.

Getting around - petrol in the Baltics (even more so in Russia) is very cheap, it costs just over 1 euro per liter, so the best way to move is definitely the car, also because they are still there few means of public transport available outside the capitals.

Rent a car in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia it is therefore very simple: almost all the major companies are present and in general you can cross the border of the three states freely, without paying surcharges. Just pay attention to the speed limits: on this they are very strict.

From Estonia it is possible to reach Russia very easily and cheaply, which could not be done in any other way because i flights to St. Petersburg they are generally very expensive. From Tallinn bus station Numerous buses depart daily for the Russian city, with 6-7 hours of travel and a cost of 15-30 euros per person, per way. The buses are very comfortable, modern and the journey allows you to see beautiful landscapes.

From Tallinn it's possible also reach Helsinki at very low cost prices: in fact, you can also find offers for ferries in the height of the summer season on 40 euros each, round trip.

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