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Moscow useful information

Moscow, capital of the Russia, is the city with the highest number of resident millionaires in the world and has been ranked as the ninth most expensive city in the world.

The city rises on the banks of the Moscow river and it is a popular destination for many tourists thanks to its very particular architecture.

What to see in Moscow

First of all not to be missed is the Kremlin to which at least half a day should be dedicated because you can admire all sorts of wonders and yet another demonstration of skill by Spanish architects.

I recommend that you bring a guide with you and I inform you that it is forbidden to bring in cameras, including cell phones.

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So think about it in time or you will have to queue twice and, the objects that cannot be introduced, you can leave them at the luggage storage at the entrance of the Kremlin.

Adjacent to the Kremlin don't miss the magnificent Alexander Garden.

Then visit the Red Square, and while you are, pay a visit to Gum warehouses, a particular shopping center with all

Not to be missed is a visit to the St. Basil's Cathedral.

Another fundamental step is the Mausoleum of Lenin, in this case, however, pay attention to the opening hours as it is only open from 10:00 to 13:00 and is closed on Mondays and Fridays.

Furthermore, since the queue is usually very long, try to arrive as soon as possible, also because often around 12:00 the entrances to the queue are blocked.

Another monument to visit is theobelisk dedicated to the memory of the Russian space conquests, preceded by an avenue lined with statues of all Soviet cosmonauts, you will find it once you exit the metro at the VDNK station.

I also remember that the base of the obelisk houses a very interesting one Cosmonauts Museum.

The price of admission is negligible, around 50 rubles or 10 if you have a ISIC card, but you can admire lots of memorabilia from the golden age of space exploration.

A little further on there is precisely the VDNK, once the Exhibition Center of all the Russias, that is about 70 pavilions each dedicated to a particular branch of Soviet technology.

Today the pavilions have been cleared and house a myriad of shops and small shops: you will find local products, clothing, imported Chinese / Indian electronics, weapons.

Still worth a visit for the stunning gold fountains and if you are looking for cheap souvenirs.

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The classic turn in the feature should certainly not be overlooked via Arbat a long avenue full of stalls of all kinds from amber to the classic ones Matrioske, colorful and picturesque, it smacks of a foolish tourist trap but it definitely gives a splash of color to a metropolis.

If you are lucky you will also meet one of the mascots of the city a splendid trained Siberian bear.

The Arbat and the Novy Arbat they are also the streets where you will find the best exchange rates in Moscow.

For those who love art it is definitely worth seeing the Museo Pushkin which is one of the main attractions of the city, with its collection of impressionist art and antiques.

It is located near the Kremlin and the price of admission is around 120 rubles corresponding to our scarce 4 euros.

For those who love chess, the Central chess club, the entrance fee is about 30 rubles, but the fun is guaranteed: you can see the hottest matches in all of Russia.

Another visit not to be missed is the monastero with annex Novodevicij cemetery, UNESCO heritage.

You can walk among the tombs of most of the Russian personalities of the last two centuries and then meditate for a while along the river and the adjoining park.

A beautiful park is the Gorky park which has a monumental entrance and is ideal if you are traveling with children due to the numerous attractions and amusement parks, musical fountains, and a lovely pond for a pedal boat ride.

Another interesting park is the Victory Park (get off with the metro at Kutuzovskaja); the park is huge, it celebrates the great patriotic war and the victory in the second world war, you will also find a obelisk of 142 meters, fountains and an interesting and evocative museum.

Visiting Moscow in the winter useful tips

If you love skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, Moscow in winter it is a real paradise for you because there are many equipped places.

For skating the best choice are parks: Gorky Park (vivamante not recommended in the evening) e Izmaylovski Park above all, but practically every mirror of the city is frozen and you will find people skating like the famous ones Patriarshie ponds.

As for skiing and snowboarding, there is an equipped area near the stop metro Nagornaja, but there should be at least three or four more in town.

In the most equipped structures, you will usually find all the rental equipment upon deposit of a document.

The opening hours are generally from early afternoon until 22pm.

How to have fun in Moscow pubs, clubs and discos

Nightlife in Moscow is very varied and complete, ranging from mega discos where you can see the Muscovite youth having fun, to quiet pubs where you can relax and drink a good drik.

The problem of Moscow is the great distances in fact there is no one local neighborhood so be clear from the beginning of the evening where you want to go or get ready to hike a lot and then a lot.

The real pearl of Moscow nightlife is the The Hungry Duck.

If you visit it you will certainly live a unique experience as long as you find yourself in the "right" evening.

On Tuesday and Friday nights only women are allowed before 21pm and drinks are free.

The admission price can range from 35 rubles in low season to 300 rubles under holidays.

Il Pushechnaya is another place not to be missed, very close to the Kuznetsky Most metro stop, but beware because the entrance is not marked by any sign and the alley in front of the place is usually full of drunk people so you have to enter an iron gate and then in a building with a large balcony on the first floor.

The clientele is of all ages, especially tourists and the music is commercial.

For jazz lovers not to be missed is definitely the B.B. King’s.

Then, always in the area Kuznetsky Most, in the surrounding streets, there are numerous underground rooms and it is not always easy to enter, it depends on the bouncers, but the places deserve, just take a walk around and identify the most interesting places.

Il Real McCoy it is a destination for local youth but also for middle-aged groups and numerous foreigners residing in Moscow eager to dance and have a good time.

Another interesting pub is the Club Zona, is about 10 min. walk from Avtozavodskaya metro station.

Here, however, the admission price can vary from 100 to 1000 rubles, but there is the possibility of having big discounts with the ISIC card.

Very far from the center, therefore usually there are no tourists, but given the price of admission the atmosphere remains rather refined. In short, this is recommended if you want to have a meeting with a more Westernized Moscow. 3 tracks, usually commercial, house and Latin American.

Finally we point out the Club Che in Nikolskaya Ulitsa which offers Latin American music, good and expensive cocktails, young ladies eager to dance a merengue and cramped spaces.

Where to eat and what to eat in Moscow

In Moscow there are many restaurants of excellent quality and also accessible to all budgets.

I remind you that Russian cuisine is very heavy with a multitude of meat and potato dishes, an almost infinite choice of soups of every color and the now famous caviar present in many dishes and even in certain types of bread.

One of the symbolic dishes is the Boršc although it is of Ukrainian origin, a kind of soup made from barbietole e meat.

Another famous soup is theokroshka, made from kvass (non-alcoholic drink generally produced by fermenting cereals), potatoes, sour cream and other vegetables, served cold.

Among those that may resemble Spanish first courses are the pelmeni, similar to tortelli stuffed with meat and the dumplings, similar to tortelli with vegetable filling.

I recommend not to miss the famous Sturgeon in walnut sauce a real delicacy among the Russians.

Il best restaurant in town according to many Muscovites is the Grand Imperial, serving classic Russian cuisine, the prices reflect the quality.

It is located near the Kropotkinskaya metro station.

But also Aragvi Georgian Restaurant it's not bad, it offers an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

Located near Tverskaya metro station.

The restaurant Beloye Solntse Pustyni it is one of the best and most extravagant with waiters wearing typical silk clothes.

Here, however, the prices are high but the food is definitely good.

For those looking for a cheap restaurant I recommend the Mu-Mu coffee Self-service chain it is very low cost (under € 10) and you can still eat typical dishes of good quality.

Where to stay in Moscow

It is very difficult to find cheap hotels in the center.

In my opinion, the best solution is to rent an apartment.

In this case, a fair price is around 50 euros per night for a room, 80 for an entire apartment.

As the average distance between two metro stops a Moscow it is just under 2km, make sure the apartment is not too far from the nearest stop or be prepared for at least 20-30 minutes of walking which in winter can be dramatic.

Many agencies on the internet they offer accommodation in apartments and support for the related bureaucratic formalities, even if practically all of them rely on the same local agency and therefore the apartments are always the same.

The hotel I recommend is the Lenin's hostel. Bolshaya Sukharevskaya Square 16/18, Apt. 5, close to the Sukharevskaya metro stop, not bad for cheap accommodation, convenient during the day, a little less in the evening.

Getting around Moscow Transport

Aside from its beauty, the Moscow Metro it is convenient, economical and efficient.

But an interesting mode of transport is undoubtedly the taxi wild: any car in circulation will stop at your gesture and you can negotiate the price.

But you need to know those 2 2 words of Russian.

Speaking of taxis, don't be fooled by them to get to Sheremeteyevo airport.

The cheapest way to reach the two airport terminals is the metro + bus combination.

In particular: metro to Rechnoy Vokzal, the terminal of line 2 (the dark green one, the Zamoskvoretskaya line) and then bus 851.

Total cost 30 rubles, time almost two hours, after all, Moscow is worse off in traffic than Milan.

Moscow photo gallery

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