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    Bosco Chiesanuova in Verona, why visit it

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    Bosco Chiesanueva: what to see, what to visit, and what activities can we do?

    Bosco Chiesanuova, a town near Verona, in Veneto, a post on why to visit it and why to avoid it. Read the post and choose your next low cost holiday and destination in Veneto, perhaps in Bosco Chiesanuova.

    Just beyond the northern borders of the municipality of Verona, the Po valley gives way to the area of ​​the Venetian pre-Alps known as Lessinia, which takes its name from the mountains that characterize it. The village of has always been the undisputed capital of the area, at almost 1100 meters above sea level Bosco Chiesanuova, a land of mountains and sports champions, from the Valbusa brothers to the Olympic Mountain Bike champion Paola Pezzo.

    If your idea is to take a day trip from the nearest city, I recommend you stay in Verona, you can visit Verona and the historic center of the city and then go to Bosco Chiesanuova for a day trip, since the distance by car is less than an hour and about 30km.

    Alpine and Nordic skiing, road cycling and mountain biking, skating and ice hockey, alpine hiking. The reasons of interest for those who can't stand still for a moment are all there, however, enclosed in a setting of a landscape of rare beauty.

    The cultural side is also satisfied on all fronts: the popular festivals, the revisited tradition of transhumance, an important Lessinia film festival, an ethnographic museum, an area rich in fossil evidence.

    In short, all the ingredients to be a Cortina “in Veronese sauce” all seem to be there… the cook is missing though! Or, at least, for some years he has run away. Right now, despite all the good things he enjoys, Bosco Chiesanuova seems like a country abandoned to itself, a "cash cow" as someone good would say, a product in which to invest nothing more, exploit it for what it is ( and above all what has been), and then who knows, what comes will come.

    La road situation it's terrible, both uphill (absurd to have to cross all, absolutely all, the streets of the center to get to the first, very small parking lot), and downhill, with a panic-like return to the city, with the guarantee of a kilometer queue in any time of the year.

    The aforementioned central car park is consistently always in crisis with its automatic parking meters, and consistently always well guarded by the patrols of the traffic police with a ready pen. To it, just beyond the ice rink and the cemetery, there is now ample free parking. Well, but don't hope to be able to walk on a sidewalk then, because it simply doesn't exist, with the added aggravation of cars parked on the side of the road.

    The ice rink is beautiful, man if it's beautiful. Large and well maintained, with ample hours, skate rental service, stands and bars. But in peak periods, perhaps, it would be more appropriate to take shorter shifts (so ... who is it that skates two and a half hours straight?) And thus guarantee greater rotation and fewer queues. And it would certainly be advisable to use a little salt to de-icing the descent leading to the entrance. Oh well you go to skate, though.

    Il Old Town Bosco Chiesanuova is nice, two beautiful twin squares, a creperie always besieged and the church square with some almost characteristic pastry bars. And then the themed stalls. Cimbro? Veronese? Veneto? No. Tuscan cold cuts and Calabrian sweets.

    If Bosco Chiesanuova doesn't strike you, my advice is to return to the city where you probably got the accommodation: a Verona to visit 10 things to discover in the city.

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