10 things to do and see in Moscow

The Red Square, the parks, the coolest areas, the great food and of course the vodka! In the post, 10 activities not to be missed in Moscow during the dreaded Russian winter. With this article you will discover that you love Russia even in winter and therefore leave.

Go to Moscow in winter, and more precisely in February, it is certainly a rather bizarre idea and out of the classic tourist proposals. Thanks to the marriage of some friends, however, I found myself organizing a trip in the middle of the feared Russian winter and, after the initial skepticism, I must admit that I had an exciting experience in a welcoming, contradictory and often very distant land from our culture.

Moscow is a huge metropolis which will surprise you not only for the size (it's all great!), but also for the colors, the dreamlike shapes and the maniacal order. I had only 3 days available, little time to see it in its complexity, but with this mini guide I want to advise you on what you absolutely must see or do during your stay in Moscow. if you have less time available, find out what to do one day only in Moscow.

10 things to do and see in Moscow

1. Be fascinated by the Red Square

It may seem trivial to put Red Square first, but it is undoubtedly the beating heart of the city. My advice is to see it at several times of the day and if possible see it for the first time at night. With the lights illuminating St. Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin, GUM and the State History Museum… you will feel like you are in a dream. I literally took my breath away, really beautiful. During the day, however, you can take the opportunity to visit the Cathedral, Lenin's Mausoleum (free admission), take a stroll to the GUM luxury shopping center and, exiting the Red Square, continue with a walk in Nikolskaya street (ulitsa).

2. Relax at Zaryadye Park

A stone's throw from Red Square is this lively city park (I discovered that Moscow with its 120 parks is the greenest city in Europe…). Very well-kept and with numerous species of plants, it has a large amphitheater from which you can enjoy a splendid one panorama of the city skyline and a transparent V-shaped bridge that extends over the Moskva River. The most interesting thing is undoubtedly the alternation of greenery with museums and ancient chapels belonging to local noble families.

10 things to do and see in Moscow

3. Visit the Kremlin, the heart of Russian power

A stop in the Kremlin is clearly a must! I opted to take the Kremlin tour by visiting the Cathedrals Square and climbing the Ivan the Great bell tower (for the latter you need a separate ticket). If the weather is mild, from here you can enjoy a splendid view of the city, otherwise you will still have a good insight into Russian history. I have not been able to visit the Armory and I regret it, if you have a way do it.

4. Stock up on matryoshkas (and more) at the Arbat

For every self-respecting trip, a stop is obligatorily reserved for souvenirs! And what better place than the Arbat to stock up on matryoshkas, hats or tourist t-shirts? This long street is a succession of shops, street artists, fast food, but also of stolovaja, or the very famous Russian self-service canteens where you can eat the best of local cuisine at reasonable prices.

10 things to do and see in Moscow

5. Discover the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

One of the most cherished cathedrals to Muscovites was recently rebuilt after Stalin had it razed to build it… the largest swimming pool in the world. The structure has been restored and is now an unmissable site to visit (free admission). To take noteworthy photos, the right view is from the front Patriarshy Most (bridge).

6. Stop by the Moscow International Business Center

On every trip I like to discover the coolest and most avant-garde area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe city and in the Russian capital this area is called Moscow International Business Center. Here you can see the Evolution Tower (with its spiral shape), the towering City of Capitals towers (one of which is among the tallest skyscrapers in the world) and the covered pedestrian bridge Bagration Bridge which, passing over the Moscova, joins the pavilions of the Business Center. I recommend visiting this area at dusk, so as to see it during the day, during the sunset and then enjoy the sparkling lights.

10 things to do and see in Moscow

7. Pay your respects to Soviet pride in VDNKh Park

The large outdoor park dedicated toExhibition of the Achievements of the National Economy it is a tribute to Soviet Russia and… to Kitch. Here you will find everything from space missiles, a marble altar with a huge statue of Lenin, a giant fountain, temples, museums… in short, so on and so forth! A stage that in my opinion deserves to be made, if only to realize the delusions of grandeur of Stalin (who commissioned the park). In summer I think the visit is more pleasant, but in winter you can go on the huge ice rink.

8. Admire the elegance of the Bolshoi Theater

Returning to the center, but above all returning to a more sober style… I recommend that you see the elegant Bolshoi Theater from the outside (to enter you need to buy a show ticket). True homeland of Russian ballet.

10 things to do and see in Moscow

9. Take a tour of the Metro

I must say that among the many metros I visited, the Moscow Metro it is by far the most beautiful and efficient. In addition to the fact that the runs are punctual and very frequent, the stations are beautiful and absolutely safe. Taking a tour of the metro will take you to discover Russian art and history. Among the most fascinating I mention: Mayakovskaya, Kievskaja, Komsomolskaya.

10. Taste local food

In every trip I think it is a must to take the time to stay… at the table. Food is not just refreshment (and in the case of the cold Russian winter it is even more so!), But it is an opportunity to knowledge of the local culture. Taste authentic Russian salad, beef stews, steamed dumplings, Russian stuffed bread, honey cake and drink not only vodka, but also excellent craft beer.

If you will be able to go to Moscow in the hot season you will clearly enjoy the many city parks such as theimmense Gorky Park or the romantics Hermitage Gardens. In winter, alas, here it will be just a hit and run!

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