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Maldives holidays guide and advice on when to go, map, climate, temperatures, currency, flight duration from Spain, offers and last minute.

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Maldives advice and information

La Republic of Maldives is an island state made up of atolls found inIndian Ocean.

La capital of the Maldives è Alas and atolls that make up this magnificent archipelago there are 26 that are very similar to each other and differ in the type of accommodation and resort.

Maldives when to go

Le Maldives Islands have a tropical climate influenced by monsoons.

Il best time to go on holiday to the Maldives it runs from January to mid-April which is the least rainy period.

Low cost holidays in the Maldives: 7 days in a dream villa on a private island of the Lhaviyani atoll for only 1999 dollars

If you intend to go in vacation in the Maldives during the other months we advise you to choose the southern atolls who are less exposed to monsoons and I'm safe from tropical cyclones.

Maldives map

Maldives time zone

With the'winter time in the Maldives there are 4 hours more than in Spain while with thedaylight savings time 3.

Maldives offers

organize a vacation in the Maldives choosing among the best offered of the best tour operators see TRAVEL AND HOLIDAY OFFERS FLIGHT + HOTEL.

Maldives climate and temperatures

Il climate of the Maldives islands it's kind of tropical and temperature they remain constant throughout the year and oscillate between 24 ° / 26 ° for the minimum and 29 ° / 32 ° for the maximum.

Maldives atolls

How long does the flight to Spain Maldives last?

Il flight from Spain to the capital Malè it takes about 10 hours without a stopover.

Maldives language, currency and vaccinations

La official language is dhvehi (Arabic and English are also spoken), the currency is the Maldivian Rufiyaa (American dollars and euros are accepted in the villages) and there is no particular type of vaccination.

Maldive resort

Here are some of them most beautiful luxury resorts in the Maldives:

  • Maldive Atoll Paradise
  • Jumeirah Vittaveli Resort Maldives
  • Hidasway Resort Maldive
  • Moofushi Resort Maldive
  • Gili Lankanfushi Resort Maldive
  • Maldives underwater restaurant

For more info on these fantastic islands see Maldives Most Beautiful Atolls.

Maldives pictures and photos

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