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    Low cost Maldives, tricks and tricks to make it with 40 € per night

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    Travel low-cost in the Maldives? If so far you have not chosen easy destinations to visit with a popular budget, the Maldives could be difficult to visit "on a budget". You definitely have to opt for popular resorts in the off season (especially May and June) when the sun alternates with rainy days (excellent for diving or other activities that do not require the sun).

    A Bad there are hotels that cost even less than 40 € per night. From here you can take the boats that go to the resorts, saying you are visiting to make a reservation for next year. Bring Costumes and sunbathe at will, perhaps taking advantage of some of the paid activities (if the resort allows it).

    If you want to visit some 5 star resort but without fainting, I can give you some advice. I was a guest at the beautiful Angsana Velavaru of Banyan Tree, a Singaporean company that in recent years has been expanding at an incredible speed. They have gabled rooms and ocean suites, a blue lagoon where you can practice practically any marine sport (from water polo to night diving, weddings and banana rides: in total 101 activities). The beach is white, the palm trees green and the sunsets terribly dramatic. You are in the Maldives, there is no doubt about that.

    In this earthly paradise every extra it could cost you a lot. What to do? Follow this advice precisely if you don't want to help but come here, but the production system has not yet adjusted your wages to the current cost of living.

    First of all, bring canned supplies. Lunches, water, drink extras can cost you over $ 150 per day. Purchase a bed & breakfast plan. Gorge yourself at breakfast, taking time to absorb the carbohydrates and proteins you need throughout the day. A light snack for lunch (a fruit taken in the morning, a muesli bar) and then crackers with tuna for dinner. Alternatively they told me that the Chinese capture the chubby crabs on the beach and cook them in the kettle of water. Also bring a fishing rod: the chefs will be happy to cook your catch for a reasonable fee. And in the Maldives, fishing is not that difficult.

    The activities offered are varied: the resort offers the use of fins and goggles, surfboards and other marine trinkets. All at no cost. Usually paid for are boat trips, motorized water sports and anything that requires an instructor. If you are a diver, bring your BCD and suit to save on the rental: the waters are fantastic and deserve at least 3-4 dives.

    Watch out for all the extras: cigarettes, drinks and cocktails can cost you a lot. Take a bottle of vodka with you if you can't help but stay late on the beach or in your private pool. And then upon your arrival you will find a bottle of Italian wine waiting for you. Be careful: in Angsana they are very good at pampering and spoiling you ... and after all you are on vacation: to some temptation we will have to yield.

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