Sleeping in the Maldives, review Gunbaru Inn guest house in Ukulhas

A journey of relaxation, pampering and interesting tours in the Maldives: Ukulhas. The Gunbaru Inn guest house awaits you with its paradisiacal beach literally a stone's throw from the hotel.

The guest house Gunbaru Inn it is located in Ukulhas, a wonderful one fishing island in the Alif Alif atoll, in the Maldives. Directly on the beach, offers full board and many extra excursions.

I found the Gunbaru Inn by accident, looking among the accommodations available on the island of Ukulhas, which particularly impressed me for its colors and its beaches.

The structure of the Gunbaru Inn

The guest house has 11 rooms, which are a lot for an island only one kilometer long and less than 300 meters wide. There are different types of rooms and they are all gathered around a central garden where there are the breakfast tables.

There is the Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and I have to say it works pretty well.

The guest house is literally located a stone's throw from the beach. And what a beach!

The beach at your doorstep

Just like in the collective imagination of the Maldives, the sand is white and thin as flour and the water is a moving blue. On sunny days the beach is blinding with whiteness and beauty.

A short distance are located the sandbanks, which are practically strips of sand that emerge from the sea.

When you arrive at the beach, you will find a sign indicating on one side the beach of the locals, where it is forbidden to stay in costume, and on the other that of tourists, where it is possible.

Eat at the Gunbaru Inn

The Gunbaru Inn offers in addition to the overnight stay different proposals for eating. You can choose between breakfast only, half board or full board.

I found it particularly convenient full board.

You can ask to eat directly at the hotel or in the partner restaurant located on the main street of Ukulhas. Each day you will choose the menu for the next meal, filling out a slip in your room and then taking it to the reception.

La cooking was quite good. Certainly do not expect gourmet dishes but in relation to the expense I ate all in all well.

The Gunbaru Inn excursions

Through the guest house you can try different excursions to nearby islands.

I have done snorkeling, thanks to which I spotted fish with fluorescent colors that I thought existed only in cartoons and visited the sandbanks, truly spectacular!

Then you can visit other islands inhabited by locals and take tours to spot dolphins and manta rays.

Also the guest house offers free an island tour aboard an electric machine. Ukulhas can be turned around in half an hour or less.

Lo Gunbaru Inn staff was very friendly and available with me. I have always felt at ease and pampered and this is a very important thing for me, especially when I am traveling alone.

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