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    48 hours in Venice, mini guide for a low cost weekend

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    What to see in Venice in three days saving money. A mini low cost guide of the activities to do in Venice, where to eat and where to sleep, going for bacari and gondola for just two euros.

    Venezia is one of the Italian cities that the whole world envies us. Venice is the city ​​of love, the city of high water, la city ​​of spritz at any time and the city of Carnival. A trip to Venice is a must at least once in a lifetime and even if, let's face it, she is killed dearly, we can find some way to save money. If we think that many tourists and foreigners come specifically to Italy just to see this city, we who are “so close” to it cannot miss it.

    48 hours in Venice, is a post structured to give an idea to those who want to visit the city and to give suggestions on where to eat, what to do and even where to sleep. 48 hours in Venice begin from Friday evening at 18pm to conclude the Sunday afternoon at 17pm, as is often done on weekends to see and experience as many things as possible.

    Where to have fun in Venice

    Let's start immediately with the most difficult chapter. In Venice it is not difficult to spend € 3 for a cappuccino but luckily if you want to order one coffee in Piazza San Marco, a Coffee Quadri, one of the historic bars in Venice, the one to understand that the orchestra always plays outside for passers-by, coffee is only € 1. If you have to have a coffee, don't think about saving by going to the streets before the most famous square in Venice, you can find yourself paying triple it.

    A good appetizer instead you can do it in several places. Here you are spoiled for choice. Venice and the whole Veneto region in general is famous for its 2/3 € spritzes. With € 10 you will have had an evening and with the buffets in the premises you will also have dinner, so here is one mini guide on Venice bacari and advice on Risen Bacaro which I really liked.

    Eating in Venice

    On the other hand, it is not so easy to find good and low cost food in Venice, but it is even more difficult if you don't know what to eat. If I tell you typical dishes in Venice, what comes to your mind? Go on the safe side with polenta with schie, creamed cod and liver Venetian style. But be careful, as in other big cities, even in Venice the catch is around the corner (in this regard I suggest you avoid theOsteria del Garanghelo). If, on the other hand, you want to eat something typical and even better, eat it in the home of real Venetians, I suggest you take this "gastronomic tour" withOther Venice I don't think you will regret it.

    If you want to have a drink after dinner without being in the confusion, but sipping something on the sofas of a splendid refined restaurant, I recommend theAmerican Bar Tarnowska's which is located near the La Fenice Theater and is the bar of the Best Western Ala Hotel, a must try to breathe a magical and cultural atmosphere. You won't even feel like you're in Venice.

    A positive note is the Toniolo pastry shop, since the end of the 800th century it has been a favorite of Venetians, a must try!

    If you find yourself passing through the beautiful ghetto of Venice, don't forget to make a culinary stop here too and taste one of the 5 places to eat kosher cuisine.

    Where to sleep in Venice

    Sleeping in Venice means many things. For a low cost stay you have to settle a bit especially if you go in high season. A b & b in the center and the Arabesque b & b, cheap, clean and in the historic center 10 minutes walk from Piazza San Marco. Another accommodation in the center of Venice that allows you to move around on foot and return to the hotel when you want is the Avogaria Inn which is located near Campo Santa Margherita.

    For those who prefer an even cheaper accommodation even if outside Venice, I recommend Mestre which is not far from the city center and offers comfortable accommodation. In winter you can choose the Happy Rooms B&B while in summer those who love camping life can opt for the Camping Jolly in Marghera. The last two tips for anyone who wants to sleep in Giudecca are l 'Venice hostel, comfortable, clean and cheap, highly recommended for young people and the classic Hostel Generator the very good chain of hostels that is also found in other cities of Europe.

    What to see in Venice

    The most beautiful part of Venice is without a doubt go around the fields and get lost in the cannaregi, finding new glimpses and new architectural panoramas every route and discovering yourself again in Piazza San Marco. Those who want to see some museums can consider the option of Museum Pass or the San Marco Plus Pass to see all the museums for a few euros, around € 12 or € 18 depending on the option chosen. Those who prefer to wander aimlessly but without missing out on the best shouldn't miss the Basilica San Marco obviously, which you can visit for free or skip the line for € 1 e St. Mark's Square.

    Le feasts to keep in mind when going to Venice, the local and typical ones are essentially three: the inevitable Venice Carnival Feast of San Martino the 11th of November and the Feast of the Madonna della Salute November 21st. Art-loving travelers will certainly also appreciate the Venice Biennale of Art.

    How to move in Venice

    The best way to get around Venice is to walk. It is not always easy to find your way around the streets and fields, but after a day you get used to it. If, on the other hand, you want to move by vaporetto, know right away that it is not the cheapest solution, but essential for making small trips, such as the trip to Burano or Murano to see how the very famous are made Murano glass. Here are some suggestions on how to get around Venice by vaporetto and, more importantly, if you arrive by car in Venice, where to park low cost. Finally, you want to surprise your sweetheart and bring her in gondola in Venice? Remember that there are official rates and consult them so as not to be misled, while, if you want one gondola for only 2 €, you can take it only at one point in Venice,

    Finally a last suggestion? Are you in Venice with high water? Here 5 tips for tackling high water in Venice and good luck!

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