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Maldives most beautiful atolls

THEarchipelago of the Maldives Islands is made up of 26 atolls which are among the most beautiful in the world.

Let's find out together which are the most beautiful atolls in the Maldives:

Male Atoll Maldives

THEMalè atoll home to the capital of the same name, it is the economic, cultural and urban center of the Maldives.

This atoll it is divided into two parts, by that northern is that southern and is separate from the Wadu canal which is about 1800 meters deep and about 4 km wide.

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La northern part of the Malè atoll comprende circa 50 isole come: sdu, Bandos, Banyan Tree, Baros, Boduhithi, Eriyadu, Faruhkolhufushi, Furanafushi, Gasfinolhu, Giraavaru, Helengeli, Hembadhoo, Ihuru, Kanifinolhu, Kanu Hura, Kuda Huraa, Kudahithi, Kurumba, Lankanfinolhu, Lankanfushi, Lohifushi. , Makunudhoo, Medhufinolhu, Meerufenfushi, Nakachaafushi, Thulhaagiri, Vabbinfaru e Ziyaaraiyfushi.

La southern partinstead, it includes 32 islands 17 of which are luxury tourist sites e sono: Biyadhoo, Bodu Huraa, Bolifushi, Makunufushi, Dhigufinolhu, Embudu, Embudu Finolhu, Fihaalhohi, Bodufinolhu, Kandoomafushi, Velassarau, Olhuveli, Veligandu Huraa, Rannaalhi, Rihiveli, Villivaru e Vaadhoo.

Ari Atoll Maldives

THEAri atoll it is about 89 km long and includes 50 islands distributed between north and south.

Le islands of this incredible atoll they are protected by adults oval coral reefs and inside you will also find villages e resort among the most beautiful in the Maldives.

Kaafu Atoll

THEKaafu atoll is located in the central part of thearchipelago and corresponds to the 4 natural atolls North Male, South Male, Gaafaru e kaashidhoo.

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This atoll is made up of 80 islands and only 12 are inhabited where you will find webbed, hammocks, enchanting sea e fairytale beaches where to spend your holidays.

Baa Atoll

Maalhosmadulu South o Baa atoll it is made up of 13 completely uninhabited islands and is located about 105 km from the capital of the Maldives.

It is a magical place and is famous for its weaving pareo feyli with black and brown stripes and the lacquered ceramics.

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Maldives atolls pictures

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