Australia Northern Territory

Australia Northern Territory

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Wake up at dawn, departure from Melbourne to Alice Springs.

We arrive at 12, we land on a nice runway from where we will go, on foot, to the main building.

The clocks must be set half an hour behind Melbourne, we take the car that we will use for the whole crossing to the Northern Territory, a very powerful Toyota, the jeeps had to be booked a year earlier, basically.

Northern Territory what to see and places to visit

From the metropolis to the town of Alice Springs the leap is remarkable.

The red earth is king, the landscape is arid with a few splashes of green here and there.

Australia Northern Territory

On the way from the airport to Alice Springs we meet the first aborigines, dirty, tattered, they increase as we get closer to the town, they come out of a sort of slum, they wander aimlessly ... our Roma, they remind me, and the show it's bleak, I didn't expect it.

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This feeling, of a people marginalized and accustomed to living on social assistance, of an undeclared apartheid that actually exists, will accompany us throughout the journey.

In the places we visit, reference will always be made to the fact that that is the land of such people of some aboriginal family, we will invite mutual respect and knowledge, in fact we will never meet an aboriginal in "his" land, in "his ”Place of worship, and above all we will never see an Aboriginal mingle with a white.

At the entrance to the town, on a square, a town fair is taking place.

We enter the festive festival, there are stands of different kinds, hats, stones, used things, crafts, oriental food but also excellent sausages .. picnics in Alice Springs.

In the afternoon, we go to the Desert Reserve.

Australia Northern Territory

Place that should recreate the outback habitat .. very interesting is the part concerning the night life of desert animals, in the dark and with particular bluish lights we can see rodents similar to kangaroos, lizards, snakes.

We are tired but also a little nervous about the journey we have to start, with the unknown factor of the road and the possible difficulties we may encounter.

In reality, everything will be fine, the logbook found on the web that suggested the stages and the route will prove to be an excellent and reliable guide.

At 16pm, we depart Alice Springs towards Ailleron, The first road house on our route, 135 km away.

The road is winding, you meet several cars coming from the opposite direction, after just a few km one of these blows a stone on our windshield, splintering it ... Mauro's mood, already nervous, becomes gloomy ... then he gets excited as he passes of the Tropic of Capricorn:

Australia Northern Territory

The rocks are turning blue as the sun sets, we come to Ailleron before it gets dark.

The cell phone does not take, our "isolation" from the world begins, it will last about ten days.

The journey continues Northern Territory part two!

Australia Northern Territory (II)
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