Elizabeth Quay, the new area of ​​Perth: Australia

The new area of ​​Perth, Australia is Elizabeth Quay, a place to walk with the family, enjoy delicious Indian vegetarian lunches and where to find interesting sculptures, read here if you are about to leave for Perth.

After years of work, Elizabeth Quay it was finally inaugurated in early 2016 and immediately became one of the main attractions of Perth. This area begins at the end of the Esplanade, a street that runs parallel to the downtown skyscrapers, amidst parks and palm trees, and connects Victoria Park to the city center. Elizabeth Quay is a very modern leisure area, full of clubs and a thousand attractions, located close to a small marina overlooking the banks of the Swan River.

Il panorama it is truly amazing at 360 degrees: from the skyscrapers of the city, to the views of South Perth and Kings Park. The best times to visit Elizabeth Quay are in sunset when the sun slowly disappears behind Narrows Bridge, a bridge that connects the north and south of the city, and the skyscrapers, as night falls, begin to light up.

How to get to Elizabeth Quay

The whole area can be reached very easily, both with the By public transport than in the car. Elizabeth Quay, in fact, is located a few steps from the train and bus stations of the same name; motorway exits are also just a few minutes away by car and parking lots abound in every direction.

What to do at Elizabeth Quay

Actually Elizabeth Quay is a very nice place to even just have one walk with the family or friends; however, in this area there are really many opportunities to distract yourself and have fun: from mini golf, to numerous bars and clubs where you can have a drink, enjoy an ice cream or a bite to eat. Although recently built, the area is already very popular; the prices are not very high, or rather, the offer is so vast that there really is for all budgets, from the more modest burger bars to the river view à la carte restaurants. In any case, all the places offer excellent food.

What I love the most, and which is certainly among the cheapest, is a Indian restaurant, already present even before the revaluation of this area began. Is called "Annalaksami”And serves Indian vegetarian dishes. Its peculiarity is that there is neither a menu nor a fixed price for the food that is consumed; everyone can help themselves freely from the buffet and fill their plate at will. Before leaving the restaurant, guests leave a free offer, which everyone evaluates according to their financial resources, as well as the liking of the dishes. But be careful not to leave anything on the plate, because waste is not welcome at all. The food is delicious and the quaint restaurant is well worth a visit. In summer, moreover, tables are also set outside, on terraces overlooking the river.

Another attraction that I found truly unique is the Signature Ring, a horseshoe sculpture by Simon Gauntlett and Matthew Ngui. But to understand what it is we have to take a step back. In 1999, on the occasion of the inauguration of the Bell Tower (one of the structures that pre-existed the refurbishment), over 200.000 students from all over Western Australia were invited to put their name on 2,375 tiles which were then positioned at the entrance to the tower. When the refurbishment of the area was approved, many parents and alumni expressed regret that such an important symbol, which had united generations of students across the country, was removed. Hence the decision to re-engrave over 200.000 signatures in the metal of the ring. Finding your signature in the sculpture is a real treasure hunt, but the idea of ​​not wanting to lose the historical memory of that event makes this work special.

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