Australia Zoo: the animal paradise

    About an hour from the center of Brisbane there is the temple of animals: theAustralia Zoo, wanted and created by Steve Irwin, the famous Australian naturalist known for his close encounters with crocodiles and snakes, which he lost his life to an unfortunate coincidence in the reef seas in 2006. 

    Il park, now carried on by his wife and two children, is an immense expanse of 100 acres of parkland where it is possible to meet not only all the typical animals of this country. The zoo is accessible by train from the Beerwah station, from which free shuttles depart for the two missing kilometers, or by buses that shuttle between the city center and the zoo. Entrance ticket prices vary with adults, students or children. It must be considered that a whole day will be totally dedicated to the visit, so don't make any other commitments !! The Zoo opens at 9 in the morning and closes at 5 in the afternoon.

    Throughout the day a great variety of shows, from the presentation of the turtles, to the Lunch time with the elephants! By paying extra (some very expensive) it is possible feed the koalas, or go for a walk with a tiger, just ask at the information center inside the Zoo! The must-see show that made Steve Irwin famous is at noon. After a presentation in full Australian style, with some games for the children, parrots, hawks, vultures, ducks, snakes enter in succession until you get to the topical moment of the crocodile, to remain in suspense.

    Most of the park is in fact dedicated to these animals, rescued or captured by the same Steve Irwin (as well as snakes), who has fought all his life for the protection and preservation of this imposing and disturbing animal.

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