Australia Northern Territory (IV)

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The road to Katherine is less flat than that made so far, a bit of ups and downs begin.

We make a short detour to an abandoned city (exhaustion of metalliferous veins), it doesn't actually seem so old or so desolate, or rather, it's quite disturbing because, in fact, there are few prefabricated houses, empty but in perfect condition, there are the games, also in excellent condition, more than an "old" city it looks like a small village with no history abandoned by someone a few days earlier for mysterious reasons.

Once again, we collide with the strange concept of "ancient" of this land.

La lagoon behind the huts it is instead very beautiful.

A Ketherine we find a nice motel recommended by Lonelly Planet, the River Lodge, spacious rooms, clean, and wonderful working washing machines, the coin-operated washing machines with relative dryer are a salvation.

We recover the unpleasant night of Mataranka, in the morning we have breakfast in the "center", because we will discover with consternation (we, the Mulino Bianco family, orphans of milk and biscuits ...) that the motel does not provide anything.

Way of St. Francis Via del Sud: Stages

The country is populated by a mix of Asians and Aborigines (of course, not mixed with each other), everything seems to revolve around a shopping center.

The same waters as Mataranka they pass by here.

Arrived at the gorges, we take the boat for the 4-hour cruise that will make us explore a good part of the river bed, about 300 km long.

The landscape is very sweet, we spot several freshwater crocodiles, the children are very excited and during the stop, we will take a bath in the river.

At the end of the tour, we will be welcomed into the park by 3 Kangaroos, who will allow themselves to be approached.

Edith Falls Northern Territory

We continue the road towards the Kakadu Park, the next step, Edith Falls, is close enough and will prove to be fascinating.

After a journey of about twenty minutes, mostly uphill, we arrive at these beautiful waterfalls, under which we will swim and it is a truly exhilarating experience.

We resume the journey, without too much haste because we expect to do a few kilometers, in reality they will turn out to be more than 200, most of them inside the park.

After Pine creek, the white clouds in the distance become black / greyish: it is smoke, high, very high, I am panicked, literally, terrified by the fire that awaits us, and, incredibly, no sirens, absolutely no one around us.

They say that for the aborigines the fire is sacred so every year they burn hectares and hectares of land so that fire is a very normal thing.

Our journey continues .. Last stop!

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