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    Brisbane South Bank: the sea in the center of the city

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    Living a day at the beach in central Brisbane is possible on the South Bank. In the post you will find many recommended activities for those who decide to visit Queensland and in particular this fun and relaxing area of ​​the city to experience with the whole family.

    Close your eyes. Imagine walking barefoot in the sand. The fine, fresh grains in the early morning caress your skin. The sound of the waves, the singing of birds, the scent of the flora around you mixed with that of freshly baked muffins and coffee. But how beautiful and satisfying it is to wake up and be…. at the sea?? Oops, but ... what am I saying? Here… in Brisbane… the sea isn't there! Or rather ... not in the city :)

    But yet…

    Yes, Brisbane does not directly overlook the sea but develops around the river of the same name. However, I tell you a secret: Here too you can wake up in the morning and enjoy a magnificent beach in the city center: this is possible Brisbane South Bank.
    You are wondering: how is this possible?!?

    Brisbane South Bank

    South Bank is a cultural, recreational and social green area created on the south bank of the Brisbane River, just a stone's throw from the Victoria Bridge.

    17 hectares of lush park dotted with super fancy food areas, breathtaking panoramic views of the river, green islands where you can stretch out and relax and a real artificial sandy beach complete with swimming pools and bridges. What more could you ask for?

    Streets Beach: the beach in the center of the city

    Queensland is known throughout Australia for its warm and mild climate all year round. Last winter I never wore a down jacket or a wool sweater. Everyone's dream, right?

    And how can you not make the most of these spectacular weather conditions if you don't have ALWAYS and FREE OF CHARGE a beach where you can soak for a few hours or get a little tan? Maybe reachable after work, in just a few minutes on foot, precisely because it is located exactly in the city center!

    You will agree with me that this is a tremendous opportunity.

    Brisbane South Bank: how it is structured

    The complex consists of:

    1. A beautiful swimming pool surrounded by fine white sand and tropical flora to recreate an enchanting environment. Here you can spread out your beach towel, spread the sunscreen and enjoy the beach just as if you were in Gold Coast (sure, with a little more imagination :) but it's still amazing!)

    2. An artificial lagoon where to take a swim in the blue and crystalline water under the hot Queensland sun and among the surrounding palm fronds

    3. Aquativity: A water park fun and interactive, the perfect place for families where children can play outdoors among water fountains and jets in total safety.

    This park is also founded on an educational play concept: children enjoy learning new things related to the Brisbane River, the history of local water basins, native fish and mammalian species typical of the country (such as mullet or dugongs) as well as biodiversity related to the natural water cycle.
    The entrance to the whole complex is completely free and the beach guards are also present at the established times :) to ensure the safety of bathers. What can I say ... only sharks and humpback whales are missing!

    South Bank Parklands: a range of possibilities to please everyone

    But the wonder of this place does not end in this splendid artificial beach. Here you can invest your free time in the most varied ways, whether you are looking for a little relaxation, whether you want to spend a few hours in the name of good food and fun.

    Below are the various opportunities that this eclectic area of ​​the city offers to citizens:

    1. Scenic walks along the Brisbane River or under multicolored galleries covered with bougainvillea.

    2. Excursion to the tropical forest recreated in the center of the park (that's right: you didn't get it wrong! Here in the center of Brisbane a real rainforest has been recreated, populated by native flora and by specimens of tropical birds and fish!)

    3. Visit to the Nepalese pagoda for a mystical and spiritual escape from the noise of the city.

    4. Picnic and lunch in the park taking advantage of the countless areas equipped with tables, barbecues and services.

    5. Visit to the artistic and cultural centers that line Parklands: from art galleries to the science museum to the performing arts center.

    6. Enjoy a brunch or dinner super cool at EAT SOUTHBANK on Little Stanley Street, where the choice of food ranges from Turkish to Mexican to Greek or Japanese… and the list goes on and on.

    7. Trotting among the aromatic herbs and spices of the Epicurean Gardens and ask the volunteers who cultivate this land to pick a fruit so that you can take it home with you :)

    8. Take a ride on the Ferris Wheel to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city.

    9. Enjoy a spectacular sunset over the Brisbane River with the amazing scenery of the skyline of the opposite shore.

    9. Visit the Collective Markets held every weekend from Friday evening to Sunday evening, where you can buy handicrafts, taste local food and find some precious antiques.

    Events all year round

    South Bank also represents a context of primary importance for some of the most important events that are organized annually in the city: from culinary festivals to Christmas celebrations.

    You can read for yourself what is beautiful and super interesting in South Bank at any time of the year in real time.

    South Bank, how to get there

    Getting to South Bank is a breeze! If you have a car, finding a parking space will not be complicated as there are several around the area. Moreover, of course, this place is super served by public transport, not only buses and trains but also by ferries that land and depart from the different stations located along the promenade / em> on the Brisbane River.

    For more information on how to get around the city and Queensland you can consult the article Brisbane: all the alternatives to get around the city.

    In short, there are so many alternatives to experience the city in a sensational way and opportunities in Brisbane - and especially in South Bank - are absolutely not lacking.
    How many great metropolises in the world can boast an eclectic and multicultural area like this one, where art, culture, beach, tropical forest and entertainment of all kinds marry in perfect harmony with each other to give unique experiences to the visitor?

    I leave the answer to this question to you, inviting you to consider a trip to this stimulating and surprising city.

    Greetings from Brisbane… cheers!

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