Trails with the dog in Cortina: pet friendly location

In the post, 6 tips for walking your dog outdoors in the Belluno Dolomites. From the simplest paths to those that require more effort: Cortina is a place full of pet-friendly services and facilities!

Cortina d'Ampezzo is a famous ski resort of the Belluno Dolomites, appreciated all over the world and nicknamed the "Queen of the Dolomites". It is certainly ideal for walking trails with the dog; also in the streets of the center you will find many food & drink stations with water and croquettes.

Trails with the dog in Cortina: pet friendly location

Rules for those traveling with a dog

Being outdoors with our puppy is one of the things that makes us happy the most, obviously respecting some simple rules. In the city and on the paths, special bag columns have been installed, which in any case every dog ​​owner must take with them and above all they must not be abandoned but thrown in the appropriate waste containers.

Another very important rule to follow is to keep your own dog on a leash in the streets of the center but also in the high altitude trails, in the meadows and in the woods both for the safety of people and children, and to avoid disturbing the wild animals that populate these areas.

Trails with the dog

1. Circular path in the woods

At the gates of the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites you can walk a ring path of about 7km for the most part immersed in the woods, a simple path perfect for a walk with your dog so as not to tire it too much.

2. Two paths with the dog at La Malga Fanes Grande

Inside the park, however, starting from the information office, you can take a path that leads to Lake Limo through the Fanes Grande mountain hut, or add the Malga Ra Stua refuge at 1600 meters along a path that alternates flat sections with steeper sections.

3. A panoramic route

From the city center, taking the Mandres Faloria cable car (open from mid-June to mid-September) you can reach the Faloria refuge and undertake a panoramic route quite simple of 4 km, ideal for walking with your 4-legged friend enjoying a breathtaking view.

Trails with the dog in Cortina: pet friendly location

4. A dog trail with higher difficulty

Also from Cortina, an alternative is the one that reaches the Croda da Lago refuge at 2042 meters; starting from Ru Curtu, follow the path 437 to the refuge, the travel time is two hours: it has a higher difficulty than the previous ones but without danger.

Trails with the dog in Cortina: pet friendly location

5. Reach Lake Sorapis

A summer trekking, not very difficult, is the one that reaches the Sorapis Lake, one of the most beautiful places in the Dolomites, with turquoise waters 1900 meters high.
It is a two and a half hour walk ideal for those who already have experience, while for the less experienced the ideal is to move by car to the Foderavecchia locality and take the route from there.

Trails with the dog in Cortina: pet friendly location

6. The cycle path of the Dolomites

Much appreciated is the Dolomites cycle path that crosses the city, walking you will encounter dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Self-service washing for dogs

During the winter it happens very often that the dog gets dirty in the snow, which is why a self service washing for our 4-legged friends, it is located a few steps from the bus station and of course you can also entrust the dog to the staff of the center for the classic grooming.

Cortina is definitely the perfect place for a holiday with our furry best friends!

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