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Kakadu Park Northern Territory informazioni

After about 200 km from the entrance to the park, we arrive at the Gagudju Lodge Cooinda, a village surrounded by greenery, very comfortable, a pity that the reception are quite unpleasant.

It is also true that this is the first return to mass tourism, the place is a sea port, people from all over the world, groups, two swimming pools and a self-service restaurant taken by storm.

The accommodations are quite nice.

The aborigines here are the guides, in the evening they drink on their own.

We wake up at five in the morning, trip to the fiume Yellow River.

On the river, a thick fog, we set sail at the first glare of dawn.

The route will take place slowly along the river bank, we will see many species of birds, a very high variety, including the sea eagle (See eagle) of which Australia has an impressive hunting variety.

When it is now full day, we finally spot them, the crocodiles, no longer from the river (Water Cocodrile), small and apparently harmless, but the "real" ones, of brackish water.

Australia Northern Territory

Seeing them emerge on the water, wiggle their tail sinuously, and then disappear into the water without the slightest splash, wave, spray.

Nourlangie and Ubirr information

Returning from the trip, we have a very abundant continental breakfast, too many people anyway, after a while we walk towards Nourlangie e Ubirr, the places of the ancient paintings aboriginal.

A Nourlangie the paintings, dated 20.000 years ago, are under the caves.

Ad Ubirr the paintings are scattered along a path that gradually climbs towards a hill, a wonderful place from which you can observe the park at 360 degrees.

The place should be visited at sunset, it's only 16pm, but our day started early and we're already cooked.

In the evening, after dinner, I try to walk a bit outside the lodge, trying to see the stars of the southern hemisphere.

There is a moon, so I don't see much, too bad, I would have liked to relive the starry night of the Sabi Sabi reserve, in South Africa, a bed of stars in the total darkness of the night in the savannah.

The next day, we leave for another park, the Lichtfield.

Not having the jeep, we fail to see some of the most renowned points of the cockatoo, especially the waterfalls, the terrain is too rough for our car but we'll make up for it Lichtfield.

Lake Garda where to eat well and spend little

We arrive in the afternoon at Lake Bennet, a small bungalow complex located near the park, located precisely on the lake of Bennet.

The complex is quite isolated, the lake is a destination for Darwin's kids on weekends, we arrived on Sunday and in fact there is a group of kids full of beer playing ball and swimming listening to loud music.

The lake is quite dark, I dive but I don't go away, I don't trust crocodiles.

In the evening we have dinner on the lake, the place is well cared for.

The next day they all leave, so the situation will be much calmer.

Il Lichtfield park it's really fun.

Smaller and more concentrated than the cockatoo, offers luxuriant vegetation and a wide variety of waterfalls, under which we will swim sensationally.

At the entrance to the park, the famous giant termite mounds (amazing to think we started from Alice Springs which were small red cones, now stand out well above our heads), as well as the termite mounds positioned on the North-South axis to make the most of the warmth of the sun and maintain the right internal temperature.

The first walk we will take is that of Buley Rockhole, a series of natural pools one below the other, sprinkled by small ones waterfalls of water.

We then arrive, after a beautiful journey in the tropical forest, at Wangi Falls, spectacular, two mountains of water pour into a large natural pool, where we will take an exciting bath.

Finally, the Florence Fall, where the natural pool is even larger (the risk of crocodiles is also greater), the waterfall is very high but less powerful than the previous ones.

We return to Lake Bennet tired but happy.

Unfortunately our trip to the Northern Territory ends here and I assure you that it was one of the best experiences of my life.

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