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Where is Bali

Bali is one of most beautiful islands of Indonesia, is part ofarchipelago of the Lesser Sunda Islands and the capital is the city of Denpasar.

Bali is a dream island is thetropical island in short, in the Indonesian archipelago it is an ideal vacation spot for everyone.

One of the characteristic aspects of Bali is its Hindu culture.

Many of the rituals Balinese-Hindus they are reflected in daily life and can be seen in the numerous ceremonies, in the festival balinesi and in the magnificent temples e palaces.

Bali beaches

Bali what to see

Bali and the tourist destination most important of allIndonesia and is full of dream places to visit.

Here is according to us the Staff of what to see in Bali:

  • Ubud: it is the largest cultural and historical center of Bali and is located a few kilometers from the capital Densapar.

  • Paddies: are one of the major attractions of Bali, are built in steps and are located in the interior of the island.

  • Santuari on Mount Kawi: they are located on the Pakrisan River and are carved into the rock face.

  • Tempio Besakih Temple: consists of about 20 buildings and is the most important Hindu temple on the island of Bali.

Bali Indonesia tips and information
  • Tanah Lot Temple: it is one of the favorite attractions for tourists as it is built on a rock along the shore of the Indian Ocean.

  • Uliwatu Temple: it is one of the most beautiful places in the world as it is located on a cliff overlooking the sea.

  • Tempio Pura Luhur People: it is really a very suggestive place also because it is set in a lake of volcanic origin.

  • Batukaru Luhur Temple: this temple was built in the XNUMXth century and is part of the nine directional temples or kayagan jagat on the island of Bali.

  • Monkey Forest: it is located in the city of Ubud and it is a really fantastic place.

  • Pure Temple Ulun Danu Bratan: is the symbol of the island of Bali and is located on the shores of Lake Bratan.

Bali when to go

Bali has a tropical climate as it is located a few degrees south ofequator then the temperature remain uniform throughout the year.

Il best time to go to Bali it runs from May to September because there are very few rains.

In any case you can go in holiday all year round given the excellent temperatures, just pay attention to the rains.

Bali climate and temperatures

Bali has a tropical climate and temperature they remain constant throughout the year (minimum 22 ° / 23 ° maximum 29 ° / 32 °).

Bali time zone

A Bali, compared toSpain, there are 6 more hours.

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