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    Working while traveling: how WHV Australia works

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    If your dream is to expand your job prospects by moving to Australia, here is the post for you: discovering the Australian work visa.

    Il Working Holiday Visa it's a Australian visa which will allow you not only to visit the land of kangaroos but also to work and study. Australia is, nowadays, one of the countries that offers the best job prospects and quality of life, more and more young people (and not only) are deciding to move to escape from the unemployment phenomenon that is increasing out of all proportion in Italy.

    WHV, here's how to apply

    To apply your WHV you need to have between eighteen and thirty-one not completed, be in possession of at least 2000 euros on your account and not having applied the visa previously. If you meet these requirements, the first step is to connect to the Australian government website and apply for the visa, create your Immi Account and then fill in various forms in which you will be asked for personal data, general information, etc.
    The final stage is that of payment, which corresponds to approx 270 €, the application confirmation will arrive after a few days or weeks depending on the traffic on the site.

    What to do after visa approval

    When the visa is approved you will have 365 days available to use it, and once you arrive in Australia it is valid for one year, and the only way to renew it for the second year is by working eighty-eight days in specific places indicated on the government website, such as farms and mines. Renewal must be requested before the deadline, as it could take several weeks for the second year to be approved and you risk having to leave the country while waiting.

    The costs to get to Australia are high, but by booking well in advance you can save on the ticket, these are very long flights and with at least one stopover.

    Life in Australia

    Australia is a partially expensive country, but once you start working you realize that it's all proportionate.
    Before deciding the destination, it is good to make sure of the climate and the best time to look for work, being a very large country, the seasons vary from one state to another, so the spring of a city will correspond with the winter of a other.

    With the WHV you are entitled to abasic health insurance: the Medicate, once you arrive, just look for the nearest Medicare center and go to activate it, it will last six months, but if you leave the country after these six months and come back, it will renew automatically and for free.

    Another thing to do as soon as you arrive is buy a local sim (the most popular are Telstra and Octopus), open a Bank Account for salary credit, do the Super Annuation a sort of pension fund, and finally request (also online) the TFN ie the Tax File Number which will be used for the calculation of taxes.

    Book a hostel or any accommodation for the first few days will be useful, in order to have a base from which to explore the city and get to know the various areas. To find a house there are numerous internet sites such as Gumtree which are also useful for looking for work.

    Looking for work in Australia

    Finding a job is not complicated but you still have to commit yourself, the Australian curriculum is different from the Italian one, but you can easily find a copy on the internet.
    Australia is often described as the Promised Land, but keep in mind that without commitment you get nothing in return. It is good to inquire about the rights and types of contracts and wages in order to be prepared for a possible job offer. With the WHV, the first employment contract cannot last more than six months.

    You will also have the option of study for four months, and perhaps attend an English course to improve linguistic knowledge. The Australian government is currently drafting some bills that could change these rules, so always check the official website before leaving.
    The visa allows you to work in all Australian states, and creates the opportunity to travel while working and have many new experiences!

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