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Tasmania is a state of Australia whose main urban centers are the capital Hobart and the cities of Glenorchy e Clarence.

We leave Venice to continue our journey along the following stages: Venice-Vienna-Kuala Lumpur-Melbourne.

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Arrived at Melbourne we really find a beautiful sun and a summer temperature that relieves our spirit from the long journey.

Melbourne, we visit it very hastily because the next day we are already moving to Flinders, an hour's drive east, along a hilly landscape full of vineyards and we are also surprised by the sight of a group of about fifteen wallabys, the little cousins ​​of kangaroos as welcome to their land.

In this magnificent place we spend 3 days of our vacation.

Le beaches they are uncontaminated with outcropping rocks with geometric shapes leveled by the sea and the wind worthy of the most expert of sculptors, gray herons that are lulled by the now calm waves of the sea at sunset.

Travel to Tasmania: where it is, what to see and what to do

A landscape so natural and immense that only in such vast places can it still be found.

A suggestion that I would like to give you for a good aperitif is to take the Oyster Shooters alias Bloody Mary in a small glass with an oyster hidden, to drink in one gulp.

Visit Tasmania itinerary, tips and tips

After our 3 days here we are leaving for Tasmania.

A Quantas plane takes us to Hobart, capital of the Tasmania it is a great emotion we are at the 40th parallel south which, in the north, corresponds more or less to where there is Rome, think how many countries there are above Rome and the nothing that there is under Tasmania, only Antarctica at 60 ° parallel.

This is the reason for the cool evening and the constant annoying wind.

A Hobart, as in Melbourne we are guests of local friends who delight us with the delicacies of their country by taking us to a kind of fair "The Taste of Tasmania”A kind of festival that offers typically great tastings of berries and wines.

In Hobart you can breathe a marine air that leaves the taste of salt on your skin, you can see its sailboats in the marina, an enchanting landscape.

Go and take a look at the Salamanca Place it is full of small shops a real tourist trap: here is the famous Tasmanian wool.

We are also conquered by objects of all types of wood.

The next day we leave for Strahan west of the Tasmania.

We travel a road that crosses wild areas between mountains and forests, an unparalleled green with abundant waterfalls and millenary trees.

During the journey the need for a coffee makes us stop in a little place "in the middle of nowhere" with a typical English coffee, grandma's cakes and delicious apple pie.

We resume the route with a stop at lago St.Clair where there is a spectacular mountain landscape.

We find the forest with eucalyptus trees which they call Gum Tree, on the side of the lake, everything is organized with the Information Center.

Strahan is located on the banks of the Macquarie Harbor, a fishing village, we see some small hotels all on a human scale, with few but welcoming rooms and many places for camping for Australians on holiday who love beautiful walks.

Place that expresses a lot but a lot of tranquility.

The following day we are ready to face a great 7 km walk among hills, internal lagoon and somewhat arid vegetation with a slight fear of encountering one of the many dangerous animals mentioned in Bill Bryson's very detailed book "Down Under".

We arrive at Ocean Beach, a 10 km long stretch of white sand without any human intervention to ruin its indigenous beauty.

The white of the beach is sometimes interrupted, on the bathroom it dries by enormous seaweed with very thick leaves with roots of a diameter of 10 cm: they look like giant plants and it is not clear from where and how they come off.

The sea temperature and the waves are perfectly suited to surfers.

We dedicate the afternoon entirely to a boat ride, we start from the port of Strahan and we stretch up to the Gordon River in a canyon of very rich vegetation; we also make a stop to go down and walk inside the rain forest surrounded by giant ferns, eucalyptus trees and trees that could never exist here.

Final stop in the afternoon:Sarah island, once a penal bath and "pride" of the premises as a piece of history to tell.

Then we return, even if the evening is not over: we see a splendid spectacle: the arrival of thousands of shaerwaters, a little larger than our common pigeons but with a splendid story to tell at this time of year, hatch the their young's eggs take turns while the other goes to get food during the day.

In the evening they find themselves in a hole on the dune of the beach, where there are the eggs of their young; the area is meticulously delimited by nets and a ranger illuminates the arrival of thousands of these birds and their holes… a magical spectacle.

We went to bed really excited about what we were going through.

The next morning we leave Strahan, we cannot leave Tasmania without first venturing into the dunes of Ocean Beach with an 8 × 8 machine and a little boy driving who has fun climbing the steepest dunes and then making us go down at speed like a natural roller coaster. In this landscape, sometimes lunar, sometimes like an oasis with a few tufts of green and the sea in the distance.

An adventure for young and old! Later, still by car, we reached the Cradle Mountain National Park, part of the Tasmania region declared a World Heritage Site.

The park encompasses rivers, waterfalls, ponds and Tasmania's highest peak, the Mount Ossa.

We decide not to go back but to stay there, in the middle of the forest, in a lodge not far from the lake.

On the spot there is also the possibility of making trips in small planes that flying over the park but for the weather, not very forgiving, we preferred not to risk it.

I summarize the last few days as follows: one of the most exciting things of the whole trip was certainly the visit of Mole Creek park: finally we know the famous "Tasmanian Devil”Of cartoons that has nothing in common with comics.

Then there are the gorgeous ones Koala always asleep on their eucalyptus branch, they wake up only when the park keeper brings them fresh eucalyptus branches, and they can eat even a kilo a day (mum and what a glutton !!).

Another thing we loved about the trip was ours close encounter with kangaroos we discover that they really love to be caressed especially on the backside, how many photos and what a thrill.

And what about the wombat a mixture of teddy bear, wild boar and puppy dog, what an animal sweetness! Ultimately we spend the last few days east of Tasmania, in Freycinet Peninsula, another national park, another splendid vegetation joined, on this side, to a Caribbean sea with an even finer sand than the previous ones.

We observe a splendid and enchanting one Wineglass Bay, Bluestone bay, Honeymoon bay.

The environment is wild and the beaches as enchanting as the Nine Miles Beach, an expanse of light sand on a transparent sea that bathes the thin strip of land that connects Freycinet to the mainland. The beaches seem to never end, with sand dunes, deep bays and rocky peninsulas that stretch for miles into the crystal clear ocean.

Goodbye from this fantastic land.

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