The most beautiful beaches in and around Miami

Miami, with its tall skyscrapers and its marvelous and long palm-fringed beaches, is one of the most represented cities in American films and TV series. This city, thanks to its fabulous warm climate, attracts tourists throughout the year, and allows them to go on the beach and swim even in winter.

Miami's best beaches are where locals and visitors go to socialize, sunbathe, surf, swim, or just relax. Though most tourists flock to beautiful South Beach, the venue for long beach parties, Miami is actually home to many other amazing beaches.

If you are looking for sun-dazzled coastlines, sparkling turquoise water and a softer, more relaxing atmosphere, you can choose between the many other beaches several SoBe (South Beach). The beaches beaten by tourists are especially those close to the big city. If you are looking for quiet, idyllic and magical beaches, you need to get away from the city a little. The beaches offer a lot of services and everything you need to spend a pleasant day.

On the beaches of Miami you can also do a great variety of watersports such as snorkeling, diving, canoeing, surfing and water skiing. But also a gym in the various public and private areas with all types of equipment.

Best Beaches in Miami

South Beach

South Beach is a place to see and to be reviewed. If you are looking for beautiful girls in bikinis, models taking pictures by the sea and even a lot of plastic surgery, this is the place. The nights are characterized by neon lights and beautifully restored art deco architecture.

Lovers of sport waterfighters will find their paradise here: jet skiing, speedboat trips and any other type of activity. The beach is so wide that it is possible to play polo with horses on the sand.

North Beach

Located between 63rd Street and 87th Street in Miami Beach, North Beach is primarily one beach for residents. It stays relatively quiet during the week and fills up with locals on warm weekend days. The beach entrance is at 71st Street (the car park is public and located across the street).

Assume River State Park

Built along Biscayne Bay, Oleta is the largest urban park in Florida. In addition to cycling trails, mangroves and various kayak and canoe rental points, visitors will find a sandy beach of about 400 meters. There are no lifeguards present, but the waterfront is quiet and is a popular place for swimming and fishing. In the vicinity there are various picnic areas where it is possible to have a barbecue.

Haulover Beach

Haulover Beach is a 12 mile long white beach with ocean waters great for surfing, landscaped dunes and shaded picnic areas. All this creates one of the most scenic areas facing the sea. Definitely worth a visit. You can get there by car or bus with the S line from Lincoln Road.

The beach is bordered by dense vegetation that blocks the visual pollution of the neighboring tall buildings. There is also one nudist beach (between the two northernmost car parks) and a gay nude beach (north of the lifeguard tower). On Tuesday nights there are plenty of local vendors, live music and programming for the whole family.

South Pointe Park Pier

This verdant spot on the tip of Miami Beach is part of a park of 17 hectares with picnic areas, a playground, a fishing pier (complete with cutting stations, washing and recycling bins for fishing lines), and great views of cruise ships.

Crandon Park

Palm trees line Key Biscayne's Crandon Park beach. Its shallow waters, designated barbecue areas and picnic tables make it a great destination for families. A splendid promenade and convenient parking make this beach even more attractive. This beautiful beach is almost always listed among the best beaches in America.

Cape Florida, Key Biscayne

This is a beach perfect for a family trip. It is beautiful and spacious, and ends with a lighthouse to the south. The beach is always breezy, which means it's not as hot as other Florida beaches. It is not suitable for surfing because there are almost never any significant waves.

The water level thus rises gradually which is safe for children to swim or perfect for paddling. On the beach there is a restaurant, toilets and showers. You can't spend the night there, but it's perfect for a day visit.


Pay attention to flags and their color. The red flag means that you are not allowed to enter the water. If 2 red flags are displayed it means that there are sharks near the coast.

Do not leave the waste abandoned on the beach, but deposit them in the appropriate baskets.

Use protection always, even in the winter months.

Do not swim in the sea areas dedicated to surfers.

The most beautiful beaches in and around Miami
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