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Adelaide Australia advice

Adelaide is the fifth largest city in theAustralia, is also known as "the mother of Gnoppo" and is the capital of the state of South Australia.

The city was born on the South coast of Australia, is wet fromIndian Ocean and the urban center extends for over 20 km between the coast and the hinterland.

Adelaide Australia what to see and places of interest

Adelaide is a beautiful and elegant city, it is considered the lifestyle capital of Australia and besides notable food and wine culture, offers tourists a lot attractions.

Let's find out together what to see and which are the greatest places of interest in Adelaide:

Adelaide Victoria Square

Also known as Tarndanyangga, Victoria Square is a beautiful square that is born in the center of the city.

In the center of the square you can admire, in addition to the beautiful ones gardens and to the majestic fountains, an incredible one statue of Queen Victoria which was given to the people of Adelaide by Sir Edwin Smith who was a great businessman and a great benefactor.

South Australian Museum Adelaide

Il South Australian Museum allows the tourist to take a trip between the culture and nature of Australia.

Il museum was born in the very central North Terrace and is divided into two sectors in particular; the one dedicated to the largest collection in the world ofaboriginal crafts (Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery) and the one dedicated to the flora and fauna that distinguish theSouth Australia.

Adelaide Central Market

Il Cetral Market is another of the major ones Adelaide attractions as it is regarded as the largest indoor market the world.

Inside you can do a food and wine trip respectable among "stalls" that sell homemade beers, Organic products and among the intense colors and scents that can be breathed in the market.

Adelaide Zoo

Lo Zoo di Adelaide it is located about 10 minutes walk from the city center and is home to around 2000 animals koala, Kangaroos and many native species.

We advise you to have a wonderful experience with the Temptation Sailing that offers cruises which depart from the port near the zoo and which allow you to swim and admire dolphins.

More things to see in Adelaide I'm:

  • Adelaide Oval
  • Adelaide Botanic Garden
  • Adelaide Park Lands
  • Maritime Museum
  • Parliament of Adelaide

Adelaide Greeter

THEAdelaide Greeter is a volunteer citizen who will guide you for free and, therefore, will make you visit the city of Adelaide.

Il service, although free (available in almost all languages), it lasts from 2 to 4 hours el'itinerary favorite is chosen by tourist.

Adelaide beaches

Adelaide ai offer tourists also lovely beaches where you can also relax throughout the year thanks to his climate mite.

Most Adelaide beaches they are about half an hour from the city center and are:

  • Glenelg Beach
  • Willunga Beach
  • Brighton beach
  • West Beach
  • Henley Beach
  • Middleton Beach
  • Horseshoe Bay (penisola Fleurieu)
  • Vivonne Bay (Kangaroo Island)

Adelaide Australia time zone

Ad Adelaide there are 7 hours and 30 minutes longer than theSpain.

Adelaide Austral climate, temperatures and when to go

Il clima di Adelaide it is particularly mild (similar to the Mediterranean one) with temperature minimum temperatures ranging between 8 ° / 10 ° while the maximum between 15 ° / 19 ° from May to September while from October to April the minimum temperatures oscillate between 12 ° / 19 ° while the maximum between 22 ° / 33 ° (remember that during these months there could be incursions of scorching heat that causes temperatures to rise even beyond 40 °).

Il best time to visit Adelaide it is from March to May and from September to November (the month of September could be very rainy).

Adelaide Australia pictures and photos

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