Algeciras Algeciras Algeciras

    On the opposite side of the Bay of Gibraltar it is located Algeciras, an important industrial city and the main port for connections between Spain and Africa. The Arab influence is very strong here, so much so that you can find traditional tea shops in the alleys of the town.

    Certainly not beautiful, Algeciras is nevertheless a gritty place from which to admire a magnificent view of the nearby Rock of Gibraltar. Full of excellent restaurants, in the oldest area is the San Isidoro district with its narrow and steep streets and the main square, Plaza Alta, surrounded by palm trees and with two beautiful churches.

    To reach Algeciras and maybe continue, passport in hand, for a trip to Morocco you can travel by train from Ronda, Bobadilla and many other Andalusian cities or by bus from some of the most beautiful Pueblos Blancos, from Tarifa, Seville, Cadiz, Madrid, Granada and Malaga .

    Several times a day Algeciras is connected with Tangier in Morocco both by ferries, 2h30, and by fast ferries, 1h15. Connections by fast ferry, 0h40, also with Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in Morocco. Tickets can be purchased directly at the port.

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