Malaga nightlife

Malaga nightlife

La Malaga nightlife and its summers on its beaches are famous throughout Europe: in the city you will find pubs in the center and clubs on the beach crowded with people from dusk until dawn!

The Malagueños certainly know how to party, and you can choose how to spend your evening, getting carried away by your tastes or simply following the crowd. Whether you are looking for an evening by the sea sipping a cocktail, or a night to the rhythm of music, you will certainly not be disappointed by the nightlife of Malaga.

How the evening unfolds in Malaga

To adapt to the local rhythms, just think that discos do not fill up before midnight: usually you go out late, for a quick pit stop at a tapas bar, and then take a trip to some bars for a drink or two ( also considering the low prices of alcohol), and then spend a night of fun in the disco.

The busiest evenings are undoubtedly those on Friday and Saturday nights.

The nightlife areas

The three areas where the locals are concentrated are there university area, frequented by local young people and foreign children studying in the city, the Old Town, where the locals flock, and the shoreline along the coast outside Malaga, a purely tourist area.

The area of ​​Pedregalejo – El Palo

The bars and discos of El Palo and Pedregalejo are very lively, thanks to the large number of students who frequent them. This is definitely the most cosmopolitan area of ​​Malaga, thanks to the many Spanish schools located here.

Often the nightclubs in this area are cheap, offer drinks for a few euros and often the entrance to the events is free or at a low price. Here you can also find numerous tapas bar where to have dinner tasting the delicacies of the local gastronomy.

Many of the clubs in El Palo and Pedregalejo are located right on the beach or are places with terraces, ideal for the warm Andalusian summer nights. Among the bars it is worth mentioning the Bar Azahares, The turtle and Bar Pedrega.

The historical center

Il historic center of Malaga it remains a very popular area for locals who love nightlife, unlike the historic centers of cities, which are purely for the use and consumption of tourists.

The small and winding pedestrian streets of the center hide a series of discos, night clubs and live music venues, some of which are typical restaurants during the day, which are transformed in the evening with lively and goliardic events and evenings.

Here the target audience is older than the university area, mainly frequented by young people in their twenties. The mix that is created is perfect and heterogeneous.

In the historic center of Malaga, the busiest areas are undoubtedly Uncibay Square and the neighboring streets, with its small and spartan pubs. In the evening, the streets here are crowded with people; if you want to have fun in a crowd, this is definitely where you should go.

If you want a quieter place, the area of ​​the Malagueta, the city beach a stone's throw from the center, offers the most exclusive and sophisticated trendy clubs. Here you will find both excellent restaurants and local restaurants for a relaxing after dinner.

But which are the best clubs in the center? There are so many and making a list of them is certainly not easy. But ranging between genres, the Liceo is a place where flamenco is danced, while the Disco Azùcar is the perfect destination for lovers of Latin American, while the Larios Terrace and the Café con Libros are more suitable places for an evening of class.

The coast in the surroundings

Are you looking for other destinations in the surrounding area? The closest destinations to the city of Malaga are Torremolinos and Benalmadena. These are places that can be reached in 10-15 minutes by car, or by relying on the night buses and local trains that connect them to Malaga.

From note

Torremolinos e Benalmadena they are seaside resorts, for this reason it is advisable to spend an evening in these parts only in summer: in winter many clubs are closed, or in any case they will be much less crowded than those in the city center.

The busiest area of ​​Torremolinos in summer is the Los Alamos beach. Here you will find a succession of clubs that offer different types of evenings, ranging from evenings of Latin American dances to evenings animated by rock music, played live.

Benalmádena it is instead famous for Solymar Square, also known as “piazza delle 24 ore”. However, it should be noted that this is an area almost exclusively frequented by tourists.

If you are looking for something more sophisticated, the area called Benalmadena Puerto Marina is the one for you. Here you will find excellent lounge bars, discos and classy clubs where you can spend a pleasant evening.

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