Zahara Zahara Zahara

    Along the Costa de la Luz, 30 kilometers from Tarifa, between Barbate and the ruins of Baelo Claudia, is Zahara, once a fishing village and now a popular trendy tourist resort.

    Its famous and unspoiled Germans Beach is a beach of White sand, 12 kilometers long, ideal for enjoying your holidays: sun, sea and nightlife. In the summer, along the southern beach, a series of huts turn into bars and nightclubs offering live music and flamenco shows. From Zahara de los Atunes you can enjoy wonderful sunsets.

    Il Faro de Camarinal, south of the Playa de los Alemanes

    In the historic center, made up of small streets, stand the ruins of the Castillo de las Amadrabas, built in the XNUMXth century by the Dukes of Medina Sidonia for protection against pirates and later used as a shelter for equipment by local tuna fishermen.

    Every year, in early August, the country hosts the Zaharas Summer Festival.

    To reach Zahara de los Atunes you can opt for a rental car or for the bus that offers connections with Cadiz, Barbate and Bolonia.

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